AB Auto Recycle Reports on the Benefits of Auto Recycling in America

Ninety-five percent of vehicles disposed of each year land in a recycling facility. The recycled parts benefit the planet in a variety of ways, ABTowingandAutoRecycling.com announces

The auto recycling industry contributes billions of dollars to America's economy each year. Approximately 95 percent of vehicles disposed of each year make their way to a recycling facility. Ninety percent of parts from a vehicle move through the recycling process, meaning fewer items make their way to the landfill. People need to know how to ensure their vehicle makes its way to an auto recycling facility when it is no longer road worthy, so they can protect the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. AB Auto Recycle can be of help.

"Whether your vehicle has already reached or is about to reach the end of its life, it can be quite the task of figuring out what to do with the car. While many options remain open to the owner, including trying to sell it on your own, taking it to the local landfill, hoping for a couple hundred on a trade-in from a dealership, or just letting your vehicle remain on your property collecting dust, recycling the vehicle should always be the first option," Abilene Lozano, spokesperson for AB Auto Recycle, explains.

An auto recycling facility examines the vehicle to determine whether to repair or recycle it. When repairing the vehicle isn't an option because of the cost, the recycling facility dismantles the car to begin the recycling process. The team drains all fluids and disposes of them safely. Next, the team removes all usable parts from the car to clean and prepare them for resale or recycling. They then crush or shred unusable parts with the average car ending up the size of a small microwave oven.

"Recycling the vehicle could be the best option for you, others, and the environment. Whether you need some extra money, or you just want to help do your part, our team can provide you with a quick and free quote to get you started. AB Auto Recycling is a family-owned business that has been in service for over 10 years now. Our Denver Auto Recycling: AB Auto Recycle facility strives for excellence every day and provides our clients with the most upstanding customer service. We will negotiate with you and offer you the best prices available," Lozano continues.

Recycled auto parts include batteries, wheels, rubber hoses, tires, and more. The United States recycles 80 percent of old tires each year. The tires are used to create new roads, among other things. Manufacturers use glass recycled from vehicles in glass beads, countertops, jewelry, and more. Every recycled item reduces the use of natural resources needed to create new items. For example, recycled glass saves approximately ten gallons of oil. The manufacturing process used to produce new glass requires the use of this oil. The planet benefits when materials are recycled.

"Count on AB Auto Recycle: Trusted & Quality Service for all of your auto recycling needs. We service more than 25 cities in Colorado and make the process of selling your junk car fast and simple. Ask about our free tow service for your junk vehicle. We offer the best prices and our top-quality flatbed service. Request a quote and get feedback within minutes. We are here to serve you," Lozano declares.

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AB Auto Recycling is a family-owned business in Denver CO that has been servicing the area for over 10 years now.

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