Aaron Regev, Star Sales Executive, Offers Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Sales manager for Total Home Protection reveals his success story

An online global news outlet recently interviewed Aaron Regev, Total Home Protection’s sales manager. In the article, Regev shares his motivational story of success.
Success was not pre-ordained for Regev. He has had to work hard for it, and the journey has not always been easy. It’s definitely been interesting, however. Regev’s parents emigrated from the Middle East, and Regev was born and raised in New York. His parents were a large factor in his success because they raised him not to accept failure but to work hard and persevere, making anything possible. He stated that the countless life lessons he learned from his parents motivated him to the top of his industry.

“They encouraged me to chase after my dreams and instilled in me a work ethic that demanded determination and honesty in all of my dealings. So, all in all, I have them to thank for where I am today. God blessed me with parents that raised me right, even when things got rough,” Regev said.

Things did get rough for Regev. A failed business left him unemployed, but he found he could rely on experience he had in sales. He joined the industry out of necessity and began to train other salespeople. Regev said he never felt like giving up because he believes in perseverance.

Regev also credited David Seruya, the CEO of Total Home Protection, for inspiring him to work hard and be passionate about his work. “He inspired me through his work, his vision, and just the way he speaks about the industry — you know, with the passion and grace of someone who really knows what he’s talking about,” Regev said. “I see him kind of like the Michael Jordan of the home warranty industry…in the way that every idea, suggestion, and advice he gives is just refined to the fullest extent — just brilliant, really.”

In the Seekerstime article, Regev also offered advice to beginning entrepreneurs. He said that a common mistake among new entrepreneurs is to be arrogant or to believe you can outsmart everyone. In reality, Regev suggests that being humble and low-key will allow new entrepreneurs to make better decisions, avoid bad financial investments, and avoid underestimating the competition.

Regev said, “I believe that it is when you start to think that you can conquer the world when you allow your head to get swollen from previous successes, that’s when failure becomes imminent. Stay humble, stay grounded, think straight, don’t try to outsmart everyone, and try to conduct yourself as honestly as you can. That’s how you’ll find success — no matter what stage of your journey you are.”

Regev concluded the interview by saying that the best life lesson he learned was to always be content. By always striving for more and trying to conquer the world, mistakes in judgment can be easily made. Instead, strive for success, but at the same time, realize you may not achieve all that you want, and learn to be content with what God has given.

Read the full interview with Aaron Regev.

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