AAA Credit Guide Offers Help To People with Poor Credit in April

AAA Credit Guide is a website devoted to help people with poor credit and help its readers understand the importance’s of credit. The use of the guide ( ) will help to improve credit scores and make good credit decisions.

The AAA Credit Guide posted at the new website, is a comprehensive guide to all the facts about good and bad credit. The importance of achieving and maintaining the best possible credit rating is reflected in the cost of home mortgage loans, automobile loans and other loans. It also affects the ability to get certain types of jobs and to be approved to rent an apartment. Bad credit can also make acquiring a cell phone more costly. The website lays out the disadvantages of poor credit, and goes into detail about the type of experiences which can affect the credit rating.

Although the site contains a plethora of information about credit, including how credit is reported, it is largely focused on the ways in which credit can be repaired. Contrary to popular understanding, bad credit can be repaired if the right actions are taken. The details on the website define two major ways in which the repair work can be accomplished. The individual can either hire a credit repair firm to assist with the process, or can do the work personally.

Irrespective of the originator of the credit report repair work, the process is the same. The activities will involve identification of questionable negative information on the credit report, challenging the information in question and following up with the credit bureaus to ensure that the negative information is removed from the credit reports.

Repair of credit report information is a legal right to dispute items on the credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The legislation was passed in 1970 and is overseen by the FTC. There are other laws designed to help protect the consumer from fraudulent and deceptive practices. The credit bureaus are required to research and follow up with disputes promptly and to make corrections as required.

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