A2Z Advanced Solutions set to go public in Canada - CEO Mr. Bentsur Joseph

Leading technology-driven automation and electronics solutions provider, A2Z Advanced Solutions, announces its plan to go public in Canada.

A2Z Advanced Solutions has taken a huge step towards establishing itself as a global player in unmanned robotics and state-of-the-art automation and electronics technology space. This is so as the company recently announced plans to go public in Canada, which will get the company listed on the TSX-V Exchange in Canada. The decision to go public in Canada was announced by the company’s CEO, Bentsur Joseph in an announcement made at the company headquarters in Yavne, Israel.

Over the years, A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd. has established itself as a force to reckon with in the development of military unmanned robotics and state-of-the-art automation and electronics technology. A2Z has worked closely with the Israeli government, providing the Israeli Defense and Security Forces with innovative products. Its amazing service delivery and efficiency have helped it maintain a strong, rewarding relationship with the Israeli government. This has also led to the company becoming financially sound with stable cash flow largely attributed to its long-term contracts with governmental agencies and various large corporations.

Going public will allow the company to expand its reach while also increasing its revenue and the value of the company and its shareholder. “Being a publicly trading company will allow us to really increase our shareholder value and provide liquidity to our investors,” said Bentsur

Joseph, CEO of A2Z. “A2Z being public will offer the company many benefits, including greater exposure to our products and brand as well as increasing our access to the capital markets, which is extremely worthwhile as we prepare to launch additional product lines. I assure you that A2Z will utilize all avenues to grow. Being public will make our company strong and vibrant”.

A2Z is also planning to expand its existing client base by adapting its technology and products to the civilian industries as well as developing new products that will revolutionize the automotive industry by creating durable, lifesaving everyday products with the highest military engineering grade.

More information about the planned listing and other information about A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd. can be found on the company’s website.

About A2Z Advanced Solutions, Ltd

A2Z Advanced Solutions Ltd is an Israeli company that focuses on the development of unmanned robotic vehicles, electrical generators and provides maintenance and service to advanced electronic systems. Headquartered in Yavne, the company is at the forefront of military innovative technology, providing the Israel Defense Forces and Security Forces with state of the art technology, products, know-how and service in the unmanned robotics, automation and electronics fields.

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