A Walk to the Life of Gorgi Naumovski – Before and Now

An interesting and very inspiring story of an entrepreneur-turned businessman.

Gorgi Naumovski started to get interested in business at an early age. He has been involved in more businesses than he can count, but the one that gives him the most satisfaction is helping people. It all started when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, and miraculously survived it. It gave him a new perspective about life, and that is to help as many people as he can along his journey.

When asked if his journey to where he is now has been a smooth road, Gorgi replied, “The road has never been straight nor smooth. I’ve learned to take the ups and downs with caution.” He said, “If you end up off the road, all you need is just to get back on it and keep moving forward.” And with a heartily laugh, Gorgi added, “Someone once told me that if you keep looking back, you might get a stiff neck.”

Gorgi specializes in logistics, construction, and design background. “I have been involved with designing and constructing retail locations for years. I can envision a finished product. So I can take a blank canvas and give the end-user something to be proud of, Gorgi said about his skill set and knowledge.

Along with her wife, Gorgi has successfully built and ran medical-legal cannabis dispensaries in the state of Illinois. He has also launched a beautiful dispensary in the first-ever Ontario, Canada retail market.

His constant interest in business and how people became successful made him found out early in life that he didn’t enjoy working for others. As a result, he decided to work for himself as soon as he graduated from high school. Gorgi once quoted saying, “I spent a great deal of time listening to what people had to say because if you’re talking, you’re not listening.”

When asked about his top 3 tips for young entrepreneurs, Gorgi said, “Work while you can. With the COVID-19 pandemic occurring, you can see how fast life can change. One minute you’re working, paying your bills, and all is good, then next your business is shut down, and there are no more jobs left. And the last is, find your mentors.

To learn more about Gorgi Naumovski, you can follow him on Instagram via https://www.instagram.com/gnaumovski/?hl=en

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