A Silent Pandemic among Drug Addicts During Covid-19

To help slow the substance abuse issue during Covid-19, many rehabilitation centers are opening up O.C. These rehabilitation centers and clinics aim to promote sober living in the city and reduce the skyrocketing percentage of overdoses.

According to a new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), support and treatment services remain critical during COVID-19. Resurgence Behavioral Health has kept its doors open.

Some practitioners are concerned that COVID-19 could be a catalyst for mental illness, and some people may be concerned about their physical health and safety if they decide to go to rehab. Moreover, isolation increases the risk of relapse among those who recover. Professional treatment remains crucial as CO VID-19 can affect many aspects of addiction and mental health.

If you think you need addiction treatment, it is essential to seek help immediately; this should not be a reason to delay treatment. There are a few reasons why people must get treatment now, like the risk of relapse and the risk of their health being damaged.

Those who suffer from substance use disorder may be at a higher risk of developing COVID-19, and detoxification at home can be life-threatening. This isolation can worsen mental health symptoms and lead to drug use and damage their health and mental health.

People with respiratory diseases are at increased risk of developing COVID-19, and tobacco and opioid use can put respiratory health at risk. The use of methamphetamine can also damage the lung system and cause respiratory problems. Although much is still unknown, we know that specific populations are at increased risk, such as people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and chronic respiratory diseases.

If you are currently struggling with addiction, you may be prone to COVID-19, and psychological symptoms can cause addiction. Mental health is also a significant risk factor for people who suffer from substance use disorder.

Isolation and loneliness can contribute to the mental symptoms that lead to someone taking drugs and relapsing. On the other hand, people with mental disorders can take drugs or alcohol to cope with it. Attending programs like Resurgence helps keep those struggling to stay sober away from their triggers and vices.

If people are looking for addiction treatment services, they should consider a treatment center that can offer telemedical services or one that is following Covid-19 safety protocols. Remember, if they decide not to go to rehab now, your health and safety will be at risk in the future.

Assessing treatment centers in terms of the quality of their treatment and the safety of their client's mental health is essential for success. Resurgence's inpatient facility regularly checks current customers, new customers, and employees for symptoms to ensure the safety of all.

No matter how the addiction began, there are treatments available that can help anyone gain control once again. Many of the treatments people need are available right here in their city. There are public-funded or charitable programs nearby that can help people get care even if they can't pay for it, and there are private-pay options that can help them get control.

It's Time for a New Beginning with Addiction Treatment That Just Works. Please contact Resurgence Behavioral Health or call them at 877-321-2716

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