A New Website Measures Donald Trump’s TONE and Real-Time Follower ENGAGEMENT.

Renowned Social Media Expert, Dr. Ravi Singh, announces the launch of TWITTERISM.com, a website to analyze the Tone of President Donald Trump’s Tweets using AI

Dr. Ravi Singh, popularly known as the CampaignGuru® is set to disrupt the internet as he launches a new website - WWW.TWITTERISM.COM to scientifically analyze more than 50,000 of President Donald J. Trump’s “social media voice” from his tweets in real-time using artificially intelligence from IBM Watson®. The website is designed to analyze the tone, sentiment, lingo, frequency of @realDonaldTrump’s tweets, giving the world a better understanding of: How Trump Tweets?

Dr. Singh has become increasingly popular over the years, with his works on social media catching the attention of millions of people across the globe. He has identified himself as a conservative turban-wearing Ph.D. holding a Master’s in Political Science and a Master of Science in Social Media. He is also one of the first academicians to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy degree specializing in social media and technology. The recent website launch further reiterates his commitment to helping people make the best of information on the internet and he seems to have identified a timely topic Donald J. Trump.

Dr. Singh, the original founder of ElectionMall.com, has launched WWW.TWITTERISM.COM to debunk the popular mainstream media narratives about the President’s tweets, proving this via a quantitative scientific study. The website is the first to measure the Tone of a world leader in real-time, exploring the link between tone and follower engagement and ultimately creating the “Trump Follower Engagement Index.” His software is currently US patent pending. The website will also be a good resource for social media activists, political pundits, and journalists interested in developing followers.

Dr. Singh is also set to release a new self-published book, “TWITTERISM: RAISE YOUR VOICE,” which will be available on Amazon in November 2020 with a foreword written by Professor. Anthony Edward Schiappa, an expert on communication and rhetoric from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Singh’s research for both his website and the book is based on a quantitative study, carefully examining Donald Trump’s tweets, focusing on the tone, his anger, and his overall follower engagement.

Dr. Singh has already published a 450-page scientific research paper for his dissertation from Ashford University, under the guidance, in part, of Dr. Sinan Aral, an authority on social media and fake news and professor in social media from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
For more information about Dr. Singh’s Twitterism and other projects from the social media authority, please visit - www.RaviSingh.com. His Twitter handle is @campaignguru

About Dr. Ravi Singh
Dr. Ravneet (Ravi) Singh was born in the United States of America and is a member of the Sikh Religion from India. He was the founder of ElectionMall Technologies Inc. to help promote e-democracy and enable candidates, regardless of party affiliation, gender, or religious affiliation, to access technology tools for their political campaigns. His non-partisan international software, “Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft” was the first to offer campaign solutions to over 7000 political websites worldwide and helped over 9 world leaders. Dr. Ravi recently launched Twitterism to analyze tweets. He currently consults brands on digital strategy and resides in Miami, Florida.

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