A New Research Establishes that Injection of Sensitive Antibiotics Can Effectively Treat Patients with Prostatic Hyperplasia

A research report by The World Clinical Medicine establishes that the injection of sensitive antibiotics and Chuanshentong is more efficient in the treatment of patients with prostatic hyperplasia combined with chronic prostatitis.

The research finds that Chinese medicine compounds can improve or deteriorate a prostate patient’s condition. This, however, will depend on the changes in the patient’s condition in the process of the clinical treatment. The research also points out that the patient suffering from prostatic hyperplasia can be administered with the injection of antibiotics to witness an effective treatment.

Dr. Song’s 3D Prostate Targeted Treatment also follows the traditional Chinese treatment system and can be very effective in the treatment of prostate diseases, such as the prostatic hyperplasia combined with chronic prostatitis. According to the research, the injection of antibiotics has a lot of potential and curative power to improve symptoms of a patient. The 3D treatment method is also a clinical breakthrough that can effectively remove the causative pathogens from the affected parts of a patient’s prostate.

Dr. Xinping Song is confident that the research will help in establishing the role of the direct injection in curing patients. His 3D injection treatment will improve the cure rate of prostate diseases and will also reduce the cure time. According to him, the treatment will prove of an immense help in the future growth and development of the medical care and health industry. The success rate of the targeted injections clearly indicates that patients will prefer injections of antibiotics than undergoing the traditional prostate treatments, like surgery.

At Dr. Song 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic, patients can now take advantage of the traditional Chinese therapy that has been found by researchers to have significant positive effects on the health conditions of a prostate patient. The 3D treatment administers injections of herbal extracts that help unblock the prostate by removing calcification. The clinical treatment uses rapid and personalized treatment that eases the patient’s condition and speeds up the curing process. The treatment is also helpful in reversing the harmful effect that the Western medicine system might have caused to a patient.

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