A New Player in Press Release Distribution - Marketersmedia is the Valued Choice!

Joining the ranks of PRWeb and eReleases.com, upcoming press release distribution site Marketersmedia.com is said to take the Internet by storm as it offers top-notch news distribution at low and affordable prices. Targeting mainly SEO Marketers and Entrepreneurs, Marketersmedia offers an inexpensive alternative to press release distribution, making it the valued choice for any businesses who want to maximize their SEO efforts at a minimal cost.

Marketersmedia Founder Daniel Tan is also a veteran SEO marketer who believes that when it comes to backlinking SEO, press releases take utmost priority when it comes to increasing online brand presence. Over the years he had used several press release distribution sites and despite all traffic benefits he was getting, he felt that more could be done and it shouldn’t have to cost as much. There wasn’t also a centralized location where marketers could meet to share all SEO marketing-related stories, but everything changes with Marketersmedia.

Marketersmedia successfully established a connection with more than 250 media outlets that can distribute a press release to attain guaranteed visibility on search engines as well as get featured on a news aggregator such as Google News. It also allows Search Engine Optimization with anchor text links, multimedia images and videos along with the distribution of the press release.

What makes Marketersmedia so special is the fact that press releases have gradually changed from news releases to more of content and information based releases, which attracts entrepreneurs, bloggers and even small businesses to utilize this more affordable form of press release distribution and share their knowledge amongst people with a similar and specialized niche. This translates to more specific target segments and better conversions.

Thousands of bloggers and journalists will be waiting in line for Marketersmedia’s RSS news feed and buzzes that are building up -- MarketersMedia could easily be a new source of information for entrepreneurial content. Every SEO marketer alike would save time and effort because they are not aimlessly and haphazardly sending out their press releases anymore.

However, it is worrying that this new trend might diminish the quality of press release content in more recent years to come. Because press releases are becoming more content and information based, the potential setback for all future press releases is that they might not be “newsworthy” enough and Marketersmedia might just become another centre for advertising and brand promotions. This is taken care of and unbeknownst to most, all professional press release distribution sites including Marketersmedia and PRWeb have established a set of publishing guidelines before a press release is publicly distributed. This ensures quality, informative and newsworthy press releases that satisfy both journalist and bloggers’ needs whilst still efficiently executing a standard SEO backlinking procedure.

“The focus is to provide mainstream visibility for marketers during their product launches, software releases, acquisition and other entrepreneurial related announcements”, Daniel explained how he sought to find a solution to a problem that he and other fellow marketers were facing. With a customer base of over 50K business owners, Daniel knew in an instant that there was yet another niche market need to satisfy.

About Marketersmedia: Marketersmedia is a Press Release Distribution site that was founded by Daniel Tan to provide high quality widespread distribution for marketers in lieu with their product launches, software releases, acquisition and other entrepreneurial related announcements - at the lowest possible cost. MarketersMedia was built to serve Daniel's own customer base of over 50K business owners, as well as cater to those who share the same goals and desires that Daniel has to make the world a simpler, happier place.

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