A+ Foundation Dallas Launches Inspection Initiative In Light of Local Damage Volume

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Annual foundation inspections can make a difference of thousands of dollars in repair costs, publishes aplusfoundationdallas.com

Recently released figures indicate insurance providers receive foundation damage claims from 60 percent of their Texas homeowner's policy holders each year. With individual repair estimates for this area ranging from $4,500 to $10,000, local residents could be facing considerable expenses if damage is left unresolved. In light of these issues, A+ Foundation Dallas spokesperson, John Reegan, has launched the company's new inspection initiative.

Said Reegan, "Foundation damage is a fairly widespread problem in our area for a couple of reasons. In a few cases, this is a matter of poorly planned construction or botched past repair efforts, but for the most part, our local soil and climate are the main culprits. Having the foundation inspected annually can go a long way toward catching damage in its earliest stages before it has a chance to expand and endanger the home as well as the safety of its owners."

Area land surveys reveal much of the state is covered in expansive soil. During periods of wet weather, the ground takes in moisture and becomes swollen; in contrast, dry spells prompt the soil to contract. This factor is exacerbated by typical Texas weather patterns, which are known to remain extremely wet or dry for extended periods of time. Prevalent foundation settling is the result of these combined elements.

Industry experts state the two most effective solutions to foundation issues are piering and slab jacking. The former entails placing support structures underneath a home's foundation to return it to an ideal position. The latter method involves drilling holes in the foundation and pumping a distinct blend of substances into them. This effectively allows the sunken area to float into alignment with the remainder of the structure. Once this is accomplished, the mixture hardens in the same manner as its concrete surroundings.

Concluded Reegan, "This problem is only going to worsen if it's not caught and repaired promptly. Since standard insurance policies usually don't cover this type damage, homeowners could be left with a pretty hefty bill if it's ignored for too long. Yearly assessments can mean the difference between $2,000 to $3,000 in repairs and landing on the higher end of the spectrum. We may be able to install preventative measures before settling and other types of damage become an issue. Area residents may visit our website, http://aplusfoundationdallas.com/, to find a list of top local repair experts."

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