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PZMCash is a cryptocurrency means of payment. The press release deals with features of PZMCash such as open sources, smart contracts etc. You will find out benefits of participation in the PZMCash ecosystem, possible ways of using and new platforms.

PZMCash is a cryptocurrency created as a means of payment. The main bet in the fast-growing ecosystem of PZMCash is placed on the growing scaling and balancing of the supply and demand of money supply.

PZMCash Features

Open source
All data will be freely available on GitHub with unloading SDK for applications based on PZMCash.

Decisions on updates and changes are made by a majority of votes using the option built into the native wallet.

Smart contracts
The ability to use cryptocurrency to create decentralized banks, exchanges, credit services, exchangers, casinos, bookmakers, games and applications.

Web3.js Technology
Which is and is used in Tron and Ethereum wallets. It allows you to conveniently go through your wallet to sites and services in which you use cryptocurrency as payment.

Participation in the PZMC ecosystem has following competitive advantages:
a growing solvent customer base allowing to scale business and increase profits;
obtaining many technical and technological solutions and automating business processes: mutual settlements systems, smart contract systems, building a company’s work history, tracking counterparty reputation, countering falsification, etc.
the ability to build partnerships;
improving business reputation and status as the ecosystem develops;
access to financing and the attention of venture funds;
entering the international market when joining the network.

PZMCash Light Client

PZMCash Light Client is able to work on mobile devices or desktops. At the same time, users do not store a local copy of the blockchain, since to send transactions it is enough to store the private keys with which these transactions are signed.

However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, users of the PZMCash light client can receive a reward for supporting the ecosystem - the PoS mining algorithm ensures the steady flow of new coins to the balance of light wallets.

PZMCash Mobile App

Multi-platform support - The application can be installed on devices with iOS and Android operating systems
Send outgoing transactions in seconds with a minimum commission
Wallet management - Track real-time balances and PoS mining accruals
Convenience - Send and receive money using a QR code
PZMCash Mobile App will be launched in Q3 2020

PoS mining in PZMCash

PoS mining is a mechanism for providing an increase in the balance of coins to loyal PZMCash users. Users will receive monthly interest accruals at the accrual rate on the effective wallet balance. The rate depends on the current balance on the active lead wallet and the current total balance on the support wallets - those that were added by the owner of the leading wallet as support.

The reward for PoS mining is based on the value of the effective rate, which is calculated by multiplying the build rate by the multiplier. The maximum rate of increase in the balance of the participant’s coins is 21% per month, the minimum - 1.2% per month or 14.4% per year.

Invest smart. Invest in PZMCash.

Learn more information on the PZMCash official website: https://pzmcash.com

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