A factory of entrepreneurs (Vitha Group Carriera) who improve people's life (Vitha Group Salute).

Vitha Group (Vitha Group Sito) is a holding that researches, collects and designs cutting-edge tools and technologies (Vitha Group Benessere), which improve people's life and health (vitha group salute).

Vitha is a leader in the panorama of Italian direct sales companies because it is one of the longest-lived.

A 100% "Made in Italy" project (Vitha Group Italia), created from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs with thirty years of experience in this sector, who in 2010 decided to create a holding that would offer added value to the traditional concept commonly known “direct selling”. The Group (Vitha Group spa) in fact proposes to use the sale of its products not as a purely economic purpose, but as a means for the training and professional development of the people who join it. In fact, the company focuses on people and staff training and not the product. vithagroup.eu

This factor allows Vitha Group to offer a very qualifying job. The company always offers a real career path that is based on clear and concrete concepts. The Vitha philosophy revolves around the training path of its consultants, which involves a process with 5 distinct and differently paid phases: 1) First training in the field for the acquisition of commercial knowledge 2) Second training for the management of a small team 3 ) Learning about the selection and training of the new sales force 4) Management of large work groups 5) Management in complete autonomy of a real dealership, which in turn becomes a training "school" for new recruits.

The path therefore begins with the selection of a candidate looking for a job, and ends with the production of a new entrepreneur, perfectly autonomous and independent, who will offer work to new candidates in his own city. In Vitha Group simple and ambitious people start, they are trained, they are introduced in a tailor-made managerial path, the results are evaluated and progress is verified, until the new entrepreneur of the future is created, ready to fly alone. So in Vitha Group (Vitha Group Site) you can start as a simple collaborator and “leave” as General Manager; this is fantastic, unbelievable, but also real, because it has happened many times before.

Vitha Group currently has over 700 independent Authorized Dealers (Vitha Group news), all trained with this same program. The primary objective of Vitha Group (Vitha Group salute) is not to sell products but to train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Assist and assist people, bringing them to the center of their professional life and to the pulsating core of the market, thanks to an incessant process of coaching, tutoring and mentoring. For the person who joins the Group, this training process is a path that involves a zero-cost and zero-risk investment.

Vitha (Vitha Group prodotti) is a "liquid" company that adapts to the market, chooses and studies the best products of the moment and makes them available to its customers. If a product is branded Vitha Group it is a guarantee of absolute reliability. There is a high percentage of customer satisfaction and it often happens that the same customers become collaborators, after having personally tested the products. The company aims to improve people's lives through devices designed to prevent and protect health, tools analyzed, tested and certified by the most important national and international associations and bodies, both public and private.

Among the main devices in the range, there are the Beyond Guardian Air, (Vitha Group Beyond) BY AERUS which was mentioned in the well-known business magazine FORBES (Vitha Group Forbes); vithagroup.site

The Sanitizer, thanks to cutting-edge technology, protects, sanitizes and purifies the air and surfaces 24 hours a day; just plug it in and turn it on. It destroys volatile organic compounds, smoke and bad smells, without the use of ozone. This technology is the only one to have been awarded with the “SPACE TECHNOLOGY” certification from the Space Foundation; the Space Certification Program was created in collaboration with NASA. (Vitha Group Nasa)

the Pure and Clean (Vitha Group Pura and Clean), the Biofarmantalgic antalgic mat, the rest system (Vitha Group Rest system) the most complete DNA test in the world: Anima Genomics. (Vitha Group Anima Genomics)
Coffee with the exclusive capsules (Vitha Group Capsule) and the fantastic and functional coffee machines (Vitha Group coffee).

Vitha Group means people, training and products but also and above all values, first of all merotocracy. As claimed by the FOUNDER of the group, Marco Reato. (Marco Reato Founder)

Marco Reato argues that there is a social aspect to Vitha Group; "The company is a family, but where the best must prove that they are. The best of them enter the Board of Directors, in the best categories of their career ".

“We help our people bring their potential to the highest level, through hard work and a time-tested program. But the bulk of the effort is made by the individual. His success is directly under his control ”.

In addition, the best are rewarded with extraordinary bonuses such as latest generation televisions, luxurious trips to Montecarlo (Vitha Group Life) and Lampedusa (Vitha Group Vip Club) and even a dream Ferrari.

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Marco Reato (Marco Reato biografia) is an entrepreneur (Marco Reato imprenditore) philanthropist who has been working daily to improve people's lives directly or indirectly for about 30 years.

He is the founder of Vitha Group, a group founded on people and on high moral values. The company has distinguished itself in the last 11 years for the very high professional and institutional profile of all its members, partners and associates.

A success built on the values that Marco Reato (Marco Reato contatti) has handed down from generation to generation and which have allowed the Group (Vitha Group holding) to be respected and positively reviewed in the national and international media. marcoreato.life

Marco, married with 2 children and loves animals. His greatest love is his dog Ronnie (Marco Reato Ronnie). Lover of cinema and projections inherited from his father (Marco Reato Proiezioni). Two of his "his" projects in which he believes most are Anima Genomics (Marco Reato anima genomics) and La Calandra Resort. These last few years have been rich in donations (Marco Reato Donazioni) from numerous dealers who are part of the Vitha Group family.

In 2020 he donated the latest generation filters to sanitize the air of the San Salvatore hospital; a fundamental operation in time for Coronavirus to avoid the spread of the infection. Regional Councilor Guido Liris also thanked Crime: "Thanks Marco for the important gesture of altruism, closeness and solidarity."

He also became the main actor of another significant donation, during the Pugliese Festival of international level MAGNA GRECIA, an equipment to sanitize the environment (Beyond Guardian Air), donated to the pediatric oncohematology department of the SS.

Annunziata of Taranto. Furthermore, Marco Reato, always close to sport, through one of his most active dealerships, has donated air sanitation systems to Salernitana and Avellino Calcio which have placed Pure & Clean in common places such as changing rooms, but not only, to preserve their health and that of their teammates and colleagues. In April 2021 he was awarded a special plaque by the Italian Red Cross for support for the institutional activities of the Italian Red Cross Committee of Aquila.

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