A Bridge to Hope Announces They Are Officially Open

The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce Is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 14, 2018 to commemorate the opening of the substance abuse resource facility, ABridgetoHope.org reports

A Bridge to Hope announces the official opening of their substance abuse resource facility, one dedicated to leading and uniting community efforts that offer solutions to those affected by substance abuse disorders. The Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce is hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the occasion on February 14, 2018, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Anyone in need of Addiction Help will find the resources found here to be of great help, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony should help bring attention to this national crisis and the resources available to those in need.

"Substance Abuse comes in many forms, and people need to know the signs of addiction. Tobacco and alcohol remain the two most common addictions, but individuals are often unaware of the signs of a painkiller addiction or an addiction to inhalants. A Bridge to Hope works to change this by offering information to individuals who want to know more about what they should be looking for. With this information, an addict can once again begin to take control of his or her life and loved ones can help find treatment resources for the addict," Ron Ousley, spokesperson for A Bridge to Hope, explains.

Drug Addiction or any type of addiction affects more than just the individual. The entire family struggles with the issue, thus help is needed for all. A Bridge to Hope understands this and works with family members to ensure they have the support they need. The psychological health of the family suffers, as does the physical health of the different family members. Furthermore, a family's finances are also negatively impacted, and this can lead to even more stress building up.

"The behavior of an addict often cannot be predicted, which leads to a perilous family life. Individual family members never know which personality they will be dealing with, and this adds to the stress they feel. In addition, an addict often tries to manipulate those around him or her in an effort to keep the family order, one they may feel is slipping away. A Bridge to Hope works with families to recognize these issues and find solutions to deal with the behavior of the addict and the effects of this behavior on the family," Ousley continues.

A Bridge to Hope hosts events to bring more awareness to the community and to assist addicts and their families in coping with the consequences of the disease. For example, a Smart Family-Friends and Family Support Group is being held every Wednesday at this time to support loved ones of the addict. In addition, the Opioid Crisis Community Call Out is upcoming and is designed to allow the community to come together and discuss this crisis in an effort to create a plan of action to combat the problem.

"Visit A Bridge to Hope today to learn more about resources and upcoming events. Anyone in need of addiction treatment may also visit the site to find the help they need to overcome the disease. Addiction is all too common in this country, and often people can't obtain the help they require. We wish to change that by leading and uniting community efforts that offer solutions to individuals affected by substance abuse disorders," Ousley declares.

About A Bridge to Hope:

Millions of Americans currently struggle with an addiction and need help to overcome the disease and lead a full life. A Bridge to Hope brings together community efforts designed to achieve this goal.

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