8th Day Performance Introduces The Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box

The company wants to help gym owners and their athletes improve their performance and efficiency, reports https://8thdayperformance.com.

8th Day Performance announced the introduction of their Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box. With a focus on creating products designed and crafted by athletes and gym owners, the company wants to help those on the lookout for ways to increase their performance and efficiency get exactly what they need.

“Whether it’s an elite CrossFit athlete or someone looking to get back into shape, there’s no doubt that plyometrics is one of the most beneficial activities for developing overall fitness. Unfortunately, many athletes find that the plyometric boxes on the market today simply can’t stand up to their workouts. The good news is that our Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box is here to solve the problems that athletes and gym owners face using the typical equipment. Not only does the box perform well under high-intensity conditions, it's also safe, durable, stackable and beautiful,” said Joe Cebulski, co-owner of 8th Day Performance.

8th Day Performance’s Elev8 Adjustable Plyometric Box features a pyramid design, rounded edges, and a textured landing surface that work together to reduce the likelihood of painful shin injuries. The box’s rubber feet and four points of contact provide a stable jumping platform in virtually any environment, from rubber to grass-covered fields to gravel parking lots. With the easy-to-use pull pin and highly-visible height indicators, athletes can quickly adjust the box to seven different heights as needed. When the workout is done, the boxes can be stacked in the corner and out of the way, saving space in the gym.

Cebulski went on to say, “As a gym owner, I know the importance of having reliable equipment that enhances the performance of my athletes. I select products that I know will help them do their best and am confident that our new adjustable box achieves that goal. We love what we do and are excited for the opportunity to help those who share our passion for fitness train harder and focus on their goals.”

Athletes and gym owners who would like to Purchase Adjustable Plyometric Box can do so at 8thdayperformance.com.

About 8th Day Performance:

With a focus on creating performance products designed and crafted by athletes and gym owners, 8th Day Performance provides innovative, long lasting equipment that gym owners and athletes demand. Their design process is one of constant trial and revision until perfection is met. Their team is always looking for ways to improve their equipment, and therefore the performance and efficiency of athletes and gym owners as well. They’ve learned the two go together, and that's how they create the best possible equipment every day.

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