74% of Small Business Owners State Their Mental Health Suffers due to Difficult or Over Demanding Clients

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A Jammy Digital survey finds a shocking link between over-demanding clients and entrepreneurs’ mental health, as well as more data on price reductions in the hope of landing new clients.

February 2024, Manchester: Jammy Digital, a content marketing agency founded by Martin Huntbach and Lyndsay Cambridge, has conducted a comprehensive survey shedding light on the challenges faced by UK small business owners and the relationships they have with their clients. 

According to the survey, an overwhelming 74% of small business owners reported that demanding clients had impacted their mental health, and 70% of them had lost sleep because of difficult client situations. 

68% have also experienced “scope creep” (the gradual expansion of an agreed-upon project, resulting in increased workload and reduced profit margins) and failed to charge extra for the additional work. And a shocking 69% of entrepreneurs admit that they have resorted to reducing their prices in a bid to land new clients. 

Lyndsay and Martin, directors of the content marketing agency, Jammy Digital, have personally experienced the detrimental effects of dealing with difficult or demanding clients.

Martin, Director of Jammy Digital, candidly shares his past perspective, stating, "I used to believe that dealing with challenging clients was just part of running a business. I would go to great lengths to accommodate their every request, disregarding the toll it took on my mental and physical well-being.

However, Martin's perspective changed when he began experiencing myoclonus, a neurological condition characterised by sudden muscle contractions or jerks. "It felt as though I was being jolted by an electric shock every five seconds. After extensive medical tests yielded no results, my doctor suggested that the muscle jerking might be stress-related."

Martin recalls feeling embarrassed and isolated, avoiding social interactions due to his condition. After three months of therapy, a trigger was identified: difficult and demanding clients. "That's when I realised that something had to change."

Motivated by their personal experience, Lyndsay and Martin embarked on a mission to address this issue and help fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners mitigate the stress associated with attracting and working with the wrong clients.

They adopted a content-based approach, specifically leveraging blog articles, to attract the right clients and repel the wrong ones. They emphasise that every business owner should include the following content on their websites:

  • Clearly communicate who is not a suitable fit for their products or services and explain the reasons behind it.
  • Provide approximate pricing information to avoid wasting time with potential clients who have no intention of making a purchase.
  • Outline their process, including timelines and what is included, ensuring clarity for all parties involved.

Lyndsay, Director of Jammy Digital, reflects on her initial concerns about creating public content that highlighted who they weren't a good fit for, fearing potential loss of work. However, the outcome was quite the opposite. "Prospective clients appreciated our transparency and selectiveness in choosing who we work with. They understood we weren’t out to make a quick buck from anyone and everyone!” 

Lyndsay and Martin now dedicate their time to helping other entrepreneurs do the same. “We’re challenging the belief that running a business must be excessively stressful and dealing with difficult clients is an inevitable burden of entrepreneurship. It’s not. It is possible to build a thriving business without the strain of incompatible or unsuitable clients. It all comes down to how you attract and engage with your customers.

Ultimately, all business owners should create content that highlights who they are and aren’t the right fit for. If they need help with this, Martin and Lyndsay have published a book Content Fortress, that teaches entrepreneurs how to use content to bring the right clients in and keep the wrong ones out. 10% of book sales are donated to the mental health charity, Mind. 

You can access the full survey on entrepreneur mental health here

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Jammy Digital is an award-winning content marketing agency for businesses that aren’t afraid to stand out. The company helps business owners create stand-out content to bolster search engine rankings and attract their ideal customers. Marting and Lyndsay - owners of Jammy Digital - have also published a best-selling book (Content Fortress) that protects business owners from unnecessary stress by helping them attract their dream clients. 

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