65% of Companies Allow Employees to Work Remotely Virtual Offices Soar in Demand

The economy has expanded for seven years. Commercial office space is at records and companies are exploring virtual offices. Such services include mail forwarding and call-answering.

Recent trends have set records for three years running. Experts in the field make note of the strong economy and rising leasing costs as reasons for the continued growth in virtual offices. The CATO institute recently reported three notable trends in the industry. The first is the resilience of the U.S. economy after seven years of growth. The second is the move towards asset-lite models of business. The third is the popularity of Wyoming Limited Liability Corporations and the growing Wyoming registered agent list. All three trends are set to continue for the foreseeable future, and thus too is the trend in virtual offices.

The 2008-09 crisis was set off by a housing bubble. Recent economic indicators, though, make it appear the housing market has made a full recovery. Not just the residential, but commercial space as well. Commercial landlords have seen lease rates rise for five years running. This has helped inflate REIT prices and spur new construction. Before new construction can come online, though, business owners will continue to see rising rents.

This dilemma has led many to adopt virtual offices as a solution. The packages often include mail forwarding and phone forwarding to assist with providing a professional appearance. This desire is intertwined with the second noted trend above, that of asset-life models of ownership. Namely, Uber, Facebook and Airbnb have become as large as they are with very few assets, something unthinkable in previous generations. Just look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). It is composed of companies which own large factories and many other assets.

The internet has changed all this, however. Companies today prefer to remain lean, and part of this is avoiding traditional leases and landlords. Instead opting for one of the many instant virtual office providers. They can still provide a lease and unique mail forwarding address, but allow people to terminate with 30 days notice and no penalty. Compare that to a traditional office space lease.

Nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming benefits from a confluence of events which have assisted with pushing it to the forefront of the industry. First, WY benefits from below average property values and living costs. This makes maintaining an office there more economical. Also, because many who form WY corporations do not live in Wyo, they must maintain a registered agent address nonetheless. Thus, further fueling the virtual office space trend.

The final trend is the movement towards the incorporating community embracing Wyoming Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs). Their no taxes and low fee model is popular with individuals and small businesses alike. As more and more Wyoming corporations are formed, the demand for WY registered agents and virtual offices in Wyoming grow. This is leading some observers to note Wyoming may avoid the worst of the energy price collapse.

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