5G Technology Overview, Use Cases and Demand Forecast: Addressing Latency, Reliability and Network Density Opens Up New Business Opportunities

The Report Provides a detail on Background to 5G, Terminology, Standards, Radio and Spectrum, Spectrum Availability, Spectrum and Radio Networks, Spectrum Bands, Small Cells, Backhaul Options, Backhaul: Full Duplex Transmission, Revenue Growth Backdrop to 5G

"5G Technology Overview, Use Cases and Demand Forecast" is a thematic research report that gives an overview of the 5G technology and the main trends worldwide. Data consumption is set to grow fourfold in the next five years. 5G will, for the first time, go beyond increased bandwidth and capacity, as was the focus in previous wireless generations, adding low latency, high density and high reliability. These capabilities will enable a variety of use cases, opening the door to new, predominantly business focused services such as self-driving cars and smart cities.
The Report Provides a detail on Background to 5G, Terminology, Standards, Radio and Spectrum, Spectrum Availability, Spectrum and Radio Networks, Spectrum Bands, Small Cells, Backhaul Options, Backhaul: Full Duplex Transmission, Revenue Growth Backdrop to 5G

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The Report covers the following Aspects of 5G Technology : 5G as a proportion of total mobile subscribers, Mobile data growth by device,, ITU-R IMT 2020 requirements , Mobile Technology Generations , 5G standardization timeline , 5G New Radio Requirements, International 5G spectrum availability , Qualcomm 5G air interface technologies, Beam-forming and MIMO technologies , Advantages, challenges and deployment scenarios for key 5G spectrum bands , 5G network densification will require small cells and new site types , Microwave share of backhaul by region, 2016 and 2022 , Kumu Networks' full duplex technology for backhaul , Backhaul capacity requirements per radio site for operators in advanced mobile broadband phase, Consolidated 2016 revenue ($bn) and revenue growth , ITU IMT 2020 use cases , 5G use case timeline , New fields for 5G , Long term 5G business case , 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) Membership , NTT DOCOMO drone platform ,
The report analyzes the business user cases for 5G and the pace of deployment worldwide, with specific focus and forecasts in South Korea, Japan, the US, China and Europe. Data and insights for this report were derived through a mix of desk-based secondary research and qualitative primary research. Primary research involves in-depth interviews with market players, and the secondary research effort includes obtaining relevant data and intelligence through publicly available sources, regulatory authority publications, trade associations, specialist databases and company financial reports, presentations and press releases.

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The report is structured as follows -
Technology Overview: This section provides a background and a rationale to 5G, explaining the drivers behind 5G deployment, the terminology and spectrum requirement.
Use Cases and New Services: Here we examine capabilities and opportunities enabled by 5G, taking a deep look at fixed wireless, massive machine, latency, reliability, automotive and drone services and network virtualization.
Timeline and Key Country Forecasts: In this section, we provide a timeframe for commercial launch of 5G worldwide, by operator, up to 2022. we then forecast main trends in 5G subscriptions in South Korea, Japan, the US, China and Europe.
Key findings and recommendations: We conclude the report with a summary of the opportunities, challenges and success factors in deploying 5G, as well as recommendations, for network operators and vendors.
5G goes beyond previous wireless generations, with additional capabilities beyond increased bandwidths and capacities, resulting in new opportunities but also additional challenges in complexity.
5G is gaining momentum, given that standardization timelines have been brought forward. As a result, in Japan, South Korea and USA all the major operators are planning to launch IMT 2020 based services during 2019. Important events such as Olympics are an additional driver in a number of countries.
The 28GHz frequency band is enjoying the most initial focus and will support early services in South Korea and US, although it is not available in all regions. The 3.5GHz frequency band has, by some way, the broadest support across key regions including US, where it is to become available as shared spectrum. Many other high frequency bands are also being considered, notably 2.5GHz, 4GHz and 39GHz; these will be complemented by low frequency bands also, including 600MHz, 700MHz and 1.3GHz.
The 5G business case for operators depends very much on small cell deployment and the associated availability of high capacity backhaul.
Reasons to buy
The report provides a global view of the opportunity in deploying 5G and growth trends in terms of subscriptions, as well as new use cases with customized communications.
This analysis is useful for telecom executives to evaluate their position vis a vis the major growth opportunity in 5G and make informed decisions about strategic investments, value proposition and growth strategies to rapidly grow their 5G networks.
The report provides valuable insights about use cases made possible by the 5G family of technologies.
The report benchmarks five countries and regions and their attitude vis a vis 5G deployment and trends in terms of launch and pace of take-up of 5G mobile subscriptions.
Fixed Wireless, Network Virtualization and 5G, Massive Machine, Latency and Reliability, Automotive and Drone Services, Efficiencies Through Virtualization

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