501c3go.com Spotlights Two Success Stories In Obtaining 501c3 Status

501c3go.com offers 37 years of experience in incorporating and obtaining status for nonprofits. Two specific success stories are highlighted on the website.

501c3go LLC and David G Marmon are pleased to announce that they have been incorporating and obtaining 501c3 status for nonprofits since 1981. The acquisition of the status is usually in one of three major categories. There is the general 501c3 designation, which is charitable, educational or scientific in nature; faith-based ministries, missions, or churches; and assistance to attorneys and CPA firms who are working for their clients. The company has assisted in the launch of more than 2500 firms needing 501c3 status.

For an example of how the company helps in obtaining 501c3 status for clients, a review of Honolulu-based Pink Molecules is appropriate. Pink Molecules encourages women and girls to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and Entrepreneurship to pursue careers that will further advance America’s global economy. Pink Molecules STEM programs are intended to encourage more young girls and women to enter fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Pink Molecules encourages the use of entrepreneurial programs to recruit and support women to extend their focus beyond the arts, laboratory and into the commercial world. Pink Molecule is tackling the problem that only 26 percent of women who attain degrees in STEM fields work in STEM jobs. Email contact for the firm is available at http://www.prettyinpinkhonolulu.com/contact-us

Another client of the company is The Ahkara Academy, which aims to set up a Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat Center, where students learn the latest in mindfulness, meditation, integral yoga, and Ayurvedic traditions. The Akhara Academy aims to teach and provide a community, “Sanga” in Sanskrit, for Mindfulness and Integral Yoga.

Stress in the high tech industry can prove challenging. Research shows that Yoga-connecting breathing with body movement, can lower stress and result in increased well-being and an increased ability to handle complex work-life balance with greater ease. Students learn the latest in mindfulness, meditation, integral yoga, and Ayurvedic traditions with regular retreats. To serve others, you must be whole yourself. "Sab ek (All are one.)," in the words of Neem Karoli Baba.

After graduating with a Masters from the Stanford Neurosciences Program, Akhara founder J. Austin spent almost 14 years at Google, managing the World Economic Forum partnership directly for Google’s co-founders, starting the Google Ocean, Underwater Street View, and Google Earth Outreach programs, and participating in the Search Inside Yourself program. J. Austin attended the 30th Avalon Teacher Training program. “Akhara” means "the circle" or more precisely the spiritual core, and is similar to the Greek-origin word “Academy,” and is used to refer to a group with a common teaching lineage. Further information about Akhara please contact AkharaAcademy@gmail.com.

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Contact Info:

Name: David Marmon
Company: 501c3go LLC
Phone: (800) 293-7490
Email: David@501c3go.com 

Contact for Pink Molecules

Name: Jasmine Baker
Organization: Pink Molecules
Address: 468 Mananai Place #S, Honolulu HI 96818
Phone: (808) 687-1551 (office); (808) 687-1551 (cell)
Email: prettyinpinkhonolulu@gmail.com
Website: www.prettyinpinkhonolulu.com 

Contact for Akhara Academy
Email: AkharaAcademy@gmail.com

Contact Info:
Name: David Marmon
Email: Send Email
Organization: 501c3go L.L.C.
Phone: 800-293-7490
Website: https://501c3go.com/

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