4Patriots Increases Production of Disaster Food Kits Guaranteed To Last 25 Years

Over 20,000 customers have already purchased kits to prepare families in case of natural disasters reports 72HourFoodKit.com

According to a recent report published in Science magazine, the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has expanded 80% over the last 30 years. The rise in storms has been linked to rising increasing sea surface temperatures and a global trend toward more frequent and intense storms. Furthermore, scientists confirm that climate models predict a future increase in the frequency of more intense hurricanes due to the human-emitted greenhouse gases. With this in mind, 4Patriots, an independent food kit producing firm, has increased production of their 72 Hour Food Kit With 16 Servings Of Emergency Food.

Spokesman Timm Boyle explains, "This popular food kit protects families in times of natural disaster. Families can plan ahead by purchasing them, putting them away in case they do ever need emergency provisions." The kit which contains 16 adult-sized servings of emergency rations, are convenient to store and portable says Boyle. "Customers always comment on the fact they taste great. But, they're also nutritious and a cinch to prepare, and that's impotant when a storm is raging outside and the power is out. When you have no access to the common conveniences like a microwave or stove, having items like these put away can be a lifesaver."

Currently marked down over 50% at https://secure.72hourfoodkit.com, the food kits contain broccoli and cheese soup, pototao cheddar soup, homestyle potato soup, and cheesy rice. Because power can often be out in areas for weeks, families are encouraged to stock up on provisions. Boyle elaborates, saying, "Customer can be comforted knowing they have a backup supply of food on hand, and it can last for years. Our products are guaranteed with a 25-year shelf life and have a 'disaster proof' packaging surrounding them, keeping them safe in case of disaster conditions."

Orders can be placed by email or phone and Boyle encourages customers to ask about the free shipping offer.

About 4Patriots LLC:

4Patriots LLC is an independent small business founded by entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN. The firm is committed to the American Dream, and proud that their company has created over 20 new jobs for hard-working people in Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah and Arizona in the last several years. Their goals continue to be producing top-quality products that help people be more self-reliant independent, to treat their customers with integrity, and to be a great place for people to work.

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