4Patriots Customer Service Handles 115,000 Phone Calls in 2015

A commitment to unparalleled customer service has resulted in significant growth for Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC.

When Allen Baler launched 4Patriots LLC in 2008 (formerly Reboot Marketing), he determined that his company would be known for its great products and its great customer service. Seven years later, those goals have been met… and then some.

During 2015, the company’s customer service team grew by more than 50 percent, enabling them to field more than 115,000 phone calls and spend more than 7,000 hours speaking with customers and potential customers. Another 30,000-plus customers were served digitally by the team.

“Many people say that the single biggest frustration they experience with companies is their inability to get a live voice on the phone so that they can ask questions about a product they have bought or are considering buying,” Baler said. “It drives them crazy when they hear one recorded message after another and push an endless series of buttons before they can reach a live person.

“We decided early on that we were not going to be that type of company. If people are willing to consider our products or purchase them, we feel we owe it to them to provide an opportunity to speak to a real person. People appreciate that we differentiate ourselves from many other companies in this manner.”

Baler said his customers and potential customers are not the only ones who benefit from being able to quickly connect with a live voice.

“Our customer service representatives are so knowledgeable about our products because they own and use them themselves, and as a result, we’re able to offer practical and specific help to our customers and potential customers,” Baler said.

“Once people realize they are speaking directly with a person who can accurately answer questions about a product they’ve purchased or give them valuable information about a product they’re considering buying, they are much more apt to become repeat or first-time customers. Responding to customers in a professional and timely manner is the right thing to do regardless, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that this strategy also positively affects our company’s bottom line.”

4Patriots is the creator of Food4Patriots, the emergency food suitable for long-term storage and survival; Patriot Power Generator, a portable solar generator; Water4Patriots, personal and tabletop water-filtration systems that purify water from virtually any source; Patriot Power Hub, a portable device that jump-starts almost any vehicle; and SurvivalSeeds4Patriots, America-grown heirloom and non-GMO seeds. The company’s blog, which gives readers access to more than 400 blogs and videos on a variety of essential subjects pertaining to independence and self-sufficiency, can be accessed here.

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