3D Prostate Treatment Shown To Be An Effective Treatment For Certain Cancers

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Research out of the 3D prostate treatment showing anti-cancer properties in many ancient Chinese medicines.

There has been a positively linear trend of the decades in the incidence of cancer. As society grows and evolves the more people are being diagnosed with various forms of the disease. Unfortunately, the growing trend of people being diagnosed with the disease has shown a little breakthrough in the safe and effective cure. Many people with cancer are being forced into dangerous procedures and treatments that leave them feeling more pain. Next generation cancer treatments are still being looked at with gene therapy being one option, however, researchers in China believe they have the keys to creating novel treatments now with knowledge learned through ancient Chinese medicines. Today the 3D prostate treatment based out of the 3D Urology and Prostate Clinic is looking back through numerous ancient texts looking for possible treatment methods for cancer. The Dr. Xinping Song has found that a few of the treatments looked at not only destroy cancer cells but leave other non-cancerous cells intact.

The 3D prostate clinics understands that surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are suitable ways to treat cancer but look down upon them because of the side effects they induce. Not only do these methods of fighting cancer kill the cancerous cells, they destroy healthy cells. By destroying millions of healthy cells an individual can become weak, lose hair, puke, become disillusioned, experience vertigo, and more.  The 3D prostate clinic is looking to reduce these symptoms and after effects by targeting cancer cells directly. The lab has selectively chosen different ancient Chinese treatments over the years and has found some of them to destroy cancer cells only. One treatment looked at was through using rhizoma curcumae.

Curcumae is a genus of 100 different species including turmeric and tulip that are found in the Chinese and Indian subcontinents, ancient Chinese medicine has used to the roots or rhizomes as a treatment of sicknesses for many centuries. The 3D prostate treatment has used this information to extract what it believes to be the active ingredient of these roots and inject them into cancer ridden areas. Lab studies showed that patients injected with Rhizoma curcumae active ingredients had a decrease in tumor growth up and up to full remission of cancer. This promising lab study showed that other non-cancerous cells were not harmed and reducing a number of painful side effects. The lab was also able to treat some side effects produced with another ancient Chinese medicine, ginseng.

Patients who were treated with Rhizoma curcumae were later split up and some were treated with an additional ginseng extract. Patients who were given the ginseng extract were shown to have fewer follow up symptoms, patients were able to recover quicker, and cytotoxic chemical release was kept to a minimum.

The mechanism of action of Rhizoma curcumae is still poorly understood but the Song Lab believes that when injected with its active ingredients the body signals the immune system to regulate programmed cell death. The body itself is forcing cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, reducing harmful surgeries and chemicals from irritating the rest of the body.

The 3D prostate treatment has taken this information and created their own 3D Prostate Cancer treatment. Using extracts such as those from Rhizoma Curcumae the team has been able to treat many prostate cancer patients. The 3D treatment begins by looking at the determining the cause of a prostate issue. The medical team puts the patient under a battery of tests to see the cause of their prostate issues. If a tumor (malignant or non-malignant) is found the team will move on to the next step, destruction. In the destruction step, the team formulates a unique injection designed for the patient specifically. Patients are injected with the treatment multiple times over the course of weeks. These injections work to induce apoptosis of cancerous cells while leaving non-cancerous cells alone. Once the cancer cells are destroyed the The 3D prostate clinics looks to eliminate any waste or dead cells. Calcification often happens when multiple cells die and release their calcium reserves, the 3D prostate clinics uses a proprietary unblocking formula to eliminate both calcification and other waste. When injected with the discharge formula patients can expect their future urine to have traces of calcium and other waste.

The 3D prostate clinic has shown that prostate cancer does not need surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy to be eliminated. Using ancient Chinese medicine has been enough to eradicate cancer cells, leaving patients with fewer side effects and back on their feet in no time. Rhizoma Curcumae is just one example of ancient Chinese medicine that has been used by the the 3D prostate clinics, other treatments have been looked at in the past with varying success and more treatments will be looked at in the future. What cannot be understated is that some ancient Chinese medicines are potent anti-cancer drugs and scientific, peer edited research has shown this to be true. Ancient Chinese medicines like Ginseng have also been shown to reduce follow up side effects caused by rapid cell destruction and reduce cytotoxic interactions between healthy cells and the content of dead cancer cells.

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