3D Infra successfully closes US$ 1.0 million Pre-Series A funding round

3D Infra Pte Ltd, the parent company of 3D Metalforge Pte Ltd, Asia Pacific’s leading end-to-end metal additive-manufacturing design and printing startup has completed a Pre-Series A financing led by M Venture Partners, with co-investment by SEEDS Capital.

3DInfra Pte Ltd, the parent company of 3D Metalforge Pte Ltd, Asia Pacific’s leading end-to-end metal additive-manufacturing design and printing startup has completed a Pre-Series A financing led by M Venture Partners, with co-investment by SEEDS Capital.

The funding will be deployed into driving 3D Metalforge’s technology development, establishing an Additive Manufacturing Center in Houston, Texas, and team development.

Its operating Additive Manufacturing Center in Singapore is ISO certified and is one of only 7 manufacturers globally certified by Lloyds Register to print marine parts. The center possesses full suite in-house Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM), optimization, and engineering capabilities, as well as additive manufacturing technologies including Powder Bed Fusion Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Blown Powder Directed Energy Deposition (DED), and Hybrid Wire Arc (H-WAAM) DED printers.

Currently serving marquee clients in the Oil & Gas, Marine, and Defense sectors, 3D Metalforge focusses on large format, high-value specialist metals for industry application. It leverages proprietary design processes and metal printer technologies that produce specialist parts faster, cheaper, and of higher quality than traditional manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing is growing rapidly, especially for metal end-use parts from an estimated US$16 billion in products and services today to over US$35 billion by the Year 2024. The market is progressively recognizing the value of additive manufacturing not just for one-off prototype parts but for large orders production parts.

3D Metalforge actively contributes its expertise as a thought leader and participates as a leading member in support and collaboration with global standards bodies in developing AM standards such as the ASTM F42, ISO TC261, Singapore Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee, and the working group of the American Petroleum Institute developing new AM standard for oil and gas industry.

“ With the rapid advance of AM design, material, and printing technologies, moving forward, 3D Metalforge is redefining the industries’ business processes by implementing programs to place additive manufacturing centers “inside” clients supply chain to serve them exclusively.”

said Mr Matthew Waterhouse, Founder and Managing Director of 3DInfra Pte Ltd and Chairman of the Singapore Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee

“Additive manufacturing requires continuous innovation and disruption to drive efficiency & effectiveness; we have confidence that Matthew & team at 3DInfra are capable of building sustainably competitive design and value-add product and service delivery through its advanced 3D printing technology”

said Mr Mayank Parekh, Managing Partner of M Venture Partners Pte Ltd

“3DInfra’s Additive Manufacturing solutions enable them to manufacture high-value parts with improved performance while reducing costs and production time. Such solutions strengthen our advanced manufacturing capabilities and encourages disruptive innovations in traditional sectors like the Marine, and Oil & Gas industry. We are pleased to support the 3DInfra in their efforts to scale their offerings to meet the evolving global demands, and their journey towards becoming a leading additive manufacturing solutions company.”

said Geoffrey Yeo, General Manager of SEEDS Capital.

About 3DInfra:
As a leading global AM company that supports cutting-edge companies with their global metal printing requirements, 3D Infra’s hi-tech facility and engineering teams are based in Singapore and the US. We have one of the most advanced range of printing equipment including selective laser melting, laser aided additive manufacturing, and hybrid wire-arc additive
manufacturing technologies.
Web : www.3dmetalforge.com
Email : info@3dmetalforge.com

About M Venture Partners:
M Venture Partners (MVP), headquartered in Singapore and licensed by the Monetary Authority, is an early-stage investor and partner to innovative and disruptive start-up ventures that are founded by “professionally-skilled” entrepreneurs with vision, true-grit, and passion to create and “build to last” a different future.

About SEEDS Capital
As the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, SEEDS Capital catalyzes smart investments into innovative Singapore-based startups with strong intellectual content and global market potential. We co-invest with independent investors in innovative startups. We help our startups commercialize and expand globally through leveraging on the expertise and strategic networks of our co-investment partners in areas such as technology translation, commercialization, and market expansion. Through co-investments, SEEDS Capital aims to catalyze investments into nascent and strategic sectors. These include Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering, Health & Biomedical Sciences, Urban Sustainability & Solutions, and Services & Digital Economy.

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