37 Wordpress Plugins of 2012 Chosen for Social Category by SocialMetricsPro.com

The most sought after information on the web regarding social wordpress plugins is now available in one power packed in-depth article titled

NEW YORK, November 16, 2012
Is it possible for one article to capture everything a business needs to know regarding Social Wordpress Plugins for 2012? It's not only possible, its been done. Chak Lau, the content strategist for Social Metrics Pro pulls back the curtains on highly sought after intel that even the most savvy social gurus are longing for. Chak breaks down the common barriers of the social wordpress plugin world into four categories named below.

- Social media sharing bars and buttons.
- Social media bookmarking plugins.
- Social networking plugins.
- Social media tracking.

The practical information in this power packed article imparts to its readers the much needed details for every social WordPress plugin there is. Each section of the article allows the reader to link to each site, for an in-depth review of social WordPress plugins and social networking plugins. The article gives the reader details on social media plugins compiled in one place. The article is well thought out and thoroughly researched.

By defining each social WordPress plugin, Chak helps readers to assemble in their mind what the market has available, and in some cases not available, from the social WordPress plugins arena. He displays every piece of information needed to better understand each plugin, how it works, and what they represent. This article can be used as an index to navigate through each site for a better understanding of social media tracking plugins.

Social Metrics Pro has defined itself in the marketplace with their highly sought after, one-of-a-kind plugin, specifically created for WordPress users. The plugin is like no other, and has one thing on its brain and that's tracking. The Social Metrics Pro plugin will actually track tweets, likes, pins and much more straight from the WordPress Dashboard all while focusing on increased ranking. Where else can a plugin with this capability be found? It's super simple and was designed to make life easier and less complicated for the user. Social Metrics Pro plugin will achieve first page ranking social signals while bringing value to any business.

"Social Metrics Pro is the essential plugin we use to monitor how our content performs on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. It's simple, neat and works precisely as you would expect it. When we work with our clients such as T-Mobile, the.Me domain name registry and others, Social Metrics Pro is the plugin we use to create reports as well as keep track on each bit of content to optimize it for future performance", said, Ivan Brezak Brkan; editor of Netokracijam.com

Social Metrics Pro tracks social signals and will sort, search, and filter data. It also has the ability to export data into excel for additional analysis, and with all these tools in play, top performers can increase traffic by more than 3 times, giving them a huge advantage in social signal data analysis. Anyone can get started with Social Metrics Pro in less than four minutes.

About Social Metrics Pro: WordPress users were finding it too cumbersome to keep an eye on analytics across all their social media channels so Daniel Tan, an expert in SEO and social media marketing, created Social Metrics Pro. This WordPress plugin allows users to choose the social media platforms they want to monitor for performance regarding their business, including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others. At-a-glance results are offered along with exportable reporting options to assure the most comprehensive set of tools. With this, webmasters and business owners are able to better succeed in increasing their search engine rankings and bring more traffic to their website.

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