26-Year-Old To Head Development Of New Program To Help Build Schools For Children In Kenya

Local Kenyan residents contacted the creative young philanthropist to help find a way to bring education to the poverty stricken children of Arica.

Currently, with approximately 72% of children not having a local school to enroll in, Kenyan children are part of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. ‘Coca Vita’, a local Kenyan company that produces organic coconut oil, has enlisted successful American philanthropist Ryan Zamo to help develop a program that will aid in building schools for Kenyan children.

Ryan Zamo, the 26-year-old creator of the organic skincare company “Z Skin Cosmetics”, has officially agreed to head the development of the new program, Coca Vita commented, “We specifically sought out the successful entrepreneur for his remarkable ability to develop and sustain innovative new product ideas, and truly think he can help us achieve our goals”. Within the past year, the 26-year-old creator of Z Skin Cosmetics has taken his handmade organic products from his kitchen, to an internationally selling brand in the organic cosmetics industry.

The innovative young mind behind Z Skin Cosmetics will mentor the Kenyan locals on improving the usage of their natural resources of herbs and oils, expand the exporting market of raw materials and help sustain a stronger economy. The new program will be directly used to build new schools, bring more jobs for the community and help solidify the growth of the local coconut farms.

The 26-year-old creator of Z Skin Cosmetics has also agreed to help develop new products for Coca Vita to sell, using the raw materials available to the company, in hopes of increasing profits for the local coconut farmers. With an endless wealth of natural herbs and oils, the young philanthropist will oversee the development and production of new products with local raw materials, and help in developing products specifically made for African hair and skin.

The program to help aid in bringing schools to Kenyan children, headed by 26-year-old Ryan Zamo of Z Skin Cosmetics and the organic coconut oil company Coca Vita, is set to begin by the end of 2015.

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