25-Year-Old Develops Ground Breaking Organic Anti-Aging Cream, Beating Out Prescription Grade Products

The search for the fountain of youth seems to be a major motive in today’s world. Spending billions a year around the world, it seems some people are willing to pay anything to look young forever.

Beauty is treasured on every continent in the world. Some cultures more than others, hold high standards when it comes to maintaining beauty, sending consumers around the world to spend exuberant amounts of money to try and maintain a youthful appearance for life. In America alone, consumers spend more than $6 billion dollars a year on cosmetic products and procedures, hoping to stumble onto that elusive fountain of youth.

Z Skin Cosmetics has become a leading name in organic hair care and skincare products. Ryan Zamo, the 25-year-old CEO and creator, has seemingly created an international empire with his hand crafted organic products over night. And it seems the young entrepreneur has now won the world over again, this time with his prescription strength organic retinal cream.

Dermatologists prescribe retinal creams to help with both acne and anti aging. The prescription creams contain high concentrations of chemicals that help skin cells regrow faster, producing high amounts of collagen, shrinking pores and removing dark spots and scars. “I grew up around the knowledge of organics, so when I started doing my research on ancient medical practices, I knew what to look for. The harsh chemicals in prescription retinal creams often cause irritation and redness, so I looked into the chemical make up and composition of the ingredients and figured out how to recreate that without chemicals and irritation” said the young entrepreneur.

After just 3 weeks of blind test trials, the 25-year-old’s retinal cream had already beaten out the top 3 commercial brands in anti-aging products. “It works so well because I figured out a way to have my ingredients interact with each other to parallel the affects of the prescription grade creams”, Zamo told us. He also mentioned, “Beauty regimens have been around a lot longer than factory made chemicals, and ancient practices have always produced better results, its unfortunate that now people are starting to realize the long term affects of putting chemicals on their body”.

Ryan Zamo has helped thousands around the world regain confidence and hope with his hair care and skincare lines. It seems this young organic enthusiast is paving the way for the new generation of skincare, with his affordable and highly effective organic products, it seems this kid is well on his way.

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