24/7 Wildlife Control Publishes New Information On Avoiding Attacks From Florida’s Predators

24/7 Wildlife Control is helping people avoid confrontation with Florida’s host of predators through the summer season, by publishing new information on animal behavior.

Wildlife removal experts have to be experts in wildlife behavior, in order to successfully overcome the animals and ensure they are caught, trapped and removed successfully with the minimum risk to themselves, others, and the property. Orlando Wildlife Control company 24/7 Wildlife in Florida has responded to the tragic death of a two-year-old attacked by an alligator with deepest sympathies. They have now published designed to help people stay safe throughout Florida’s wilderness.

Alligators can pose a threat wherever there is a freshwater body, meaning hikers, fishermen, canoeists and more may be at risk. Alligators are naturally afraid of humans, but certain behaviors embolden them. Chief among these is feeding alligators, which associates humans with food – this includes fishing bait.

The article also explains that drivers should not attempt to move alligators in the road, and that they cannot be harassed, as this can result in a fine of up to $2,500 and 30 days in prison. This includes if an alligator is on a property, so individuals should call Orlando Animal Control companies to deal with the problem professionally.

The largest threat to children and families are nests, and small gators. Mother alligators are extremely protective of their young and much more likely to be aggressive. Wherever there are babies, Mothers are close by. Other practical advice includes keeping pets on leashes and away from the water line. Ensuring children avoid swimming, and never swim alone, can help people stay safer at all times.

Here in Florida there is a lot more then gators. Coyotes and Bobcats are natural predators and are indigenous in Florida. Aggressive behavior from these animals is most often from people feeding them. If you are ever in a situation where you come across one of these animals, make loud noises such as banging stuff together or yelling. Do not run as this may encourage them to chase you. You have to show dominance in order to restore their natural fear of people.

A spokesperson for 24/7 Wildlife Control explained, “We have created similar advice for black bears, coyotes, porcupines and even skunks, helping people to deal with an encounter and even more helpfully, to avoid one. Whenever you are enjoying the great outdoors there is always wildlife around. Be mindful and respectful that this is their home too. Our advice helps people to keep a respectful distance, and ensure they are safer because of it.”

About 24/7 Wildlife Control: 24/7 Wildlife Control offers the very best nuisance wildlife removal in Florida. The business is owned and operated by Brendan Mangnitz, a UF graduate specializing in entomology and wildlife biology. The company is able to use a wide range of control and removal methods for wildlife of all sizes, regularly dealing with Raccoons, Snakes, Aligators, Bats, Rodents, Birds and more.

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