2020 Bitcoin Halving Successfully Marks a Historical Milestone As The Price Trend Keeps Rising

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How much will the BTC price rise? Why does it rise? Join GokuMarket on the web or mobile app and explore the TOP 10 real-world use cases of Bitcoin.

we just witnessed the third Bitcoin halving and history was made. The big question is, will the next Bitcoin halvings continue to increase the price? Nobody knows the future, but looking back at history and reading about the Stock-to-Flow Model, the answer is YES!

How much will the Bitcoin price rise?

Everyone wants to know how much the BTC price will increase? In 2012 the Bitcoin price was around $2.01, 2016 it was $664.44, and 2020 it was $8,515.05. Following this trend, what price will it be at the 4th Bitcoin halvening?

Why is it called halvening? In simple terms, the number of newly created Bitcoin that are created and rewarded with each transaction is reduced or cut in half, making Bitcoin more scarce and attractive. In 2012 it was halved from 50 BTC to 25 BTC, in 2012 to 12.5 BTC, and today to 6.25 BTC.

Why does the Bitcoin Price keep rising?

The price of Bitcoin is in a long-term rising trend for many reasons. First, there is a significant increase in people’s awareness of what cryptocurrencies are and what new opportunities have emerged to easily buy/sell and use Bitcoin across the globe. Second, the supply of new Bitcoin being released is decreasing over time and there is simply a total limited supply of 21 million BTC. Third, countries around the world are printing billions of fiat currencies and distributing them to citizens, also known as QE (quantitative easing). Control of inflation is one of the reasons why everyone expects Bitcoin to have a progressive increase in price.

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The above list of real-world utilities are great examples of how Bitcoin is making its way into the average household and increasingly becoming a medium of exchange and the money of the future.

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