2017 Global Hyperscale Data Centers: Market Shares, Strategies, And Future Outlook To 2023

Orbis Research Present's Hyperscale Data Centers:Major players in this industry and the key strategies adopted by them to sustain and grow in the studied market.

Worldwide hyperscale data center markets implement cloud computing with shared resource and foolproof security systems that protect the integrity of corporate data. Cloud data centers are poised to achieve explosive growth as they replace enterprise web server farms with cloud computing and with cloud 2.0 automated process computing. The implementation of secure large computing capability inside data center buildings provides economies of scale not matched by current state of the art enterprise data center standalone server technology.

The major driving factors for Cloud 2.0 mega data center market are cost benefit, growing colocation services, need for data consolidation, and cloud. Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Google, and Facebook data centers are in a class by themselves, they have functioning fully automatic, self-healing, networked mega datacenters that operate at fiber optic speeds to create a fabric that can access any node in any particular data center because there are multiple pathways to every node. In this manner, they automate applications integration for any data in the mega data center.

Key Topics:

• Hyperscale Data Center
• Scale
• Automation
• Cloud Computing
• Cloud 2.0
• Automatic Rules
• Push-Button Actions
• Cloud Application Integration
• Container Control System
• Open Source Container
• Bare Metal To Container
• Controllers
• Kubernetes Defacto Standard
• Container Management
• System
• Global IP Traffic
• Mega Data Center
• Google Kubernetes Defacto
• Standard Container
• Digital Data Expanding
• Exponentially
• Colocation Shared
• Infrastructure
• Power and Data Center Fault
• Tolerance
• 100 Gbps Adoption
• Data Center Architectures
• High-Performance Cloud
• Computing
• Core Routing Platform
• Datacenter Metrics
• Mega Data Center Fabric
• Implementation
• Digital Data
• Open Source Container
• Control System
• Defacto Standard Container
• Management System
• Co-Location, and Social
• Media Cloud
• Biggest Data Centers
• Cloud 2.0
• Intelligent Cloud Segment

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The Internet has grown by a factor of 100 over the past 10 years. To accommodate that growth, hyperscale data centers have evolved to provide processing at scale, known as cloud computing. Facebook for one, has increased the corporate data center compute capacity by a factor of 1,000. To meet future demands on the Internet over the next 10 years, the company needs to increase capacity by the same amount again. Nobody really knows how to get there.

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