14-Year-Old Robotics Enthusiast Recognized by Women’s Groups

14-year-old robotics enthusiast is recognized by women's groups, eager to support girls studying STEM fields.

Sponsored by boutique marketing firm, Starling Media Services, Inc., fourteen-year-old Jenna Sveum was recognized in May at an event held by leading women’s organizations, including NAWBO, WIPP, Enterprising Women, as well as several San Francisco Bay Area companies.

“There is a desperate need for girls interested in studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math),” says Elaine Starling, President of Starling Media Services, Inc. “We are participating in a national effort to connect girls with mentors to encourage them to study these fields in college.”

Just being recognized for her interest in robotics has inspired Jenna to study more science and math at school next year. “I was really impressed by the powerful professional women I met at the event,” says Jenna. “I had no idea there is so much support from people I don’t even know.”

Mentoring is proven to have huge benefits for all participants. Mentoring helps kids understand what different jobs are like and how to position themselves effectively for employment. It’s great for mentors too, improving professional skills including communication, coaching, adaptability, and negotiating.

When asked why she finds robotics so interesting, Jenna says, “It’s a field that’s constantly changing with new discoveries and inventions. It’s thrilling to me that there are so many different ways to apply robotics in almost every industry.”

Jenna thinks more girls should make an effort to learn about and attend these events. She finds meeting women who are already in STEM jobs is very useful. “You learn how to reach out to professionals, how to present yourself in a positive light, and how to practice networking.” says Jenna. “It’s important to tap into a support network early in life.”

“Many parents don’t realize the resources available for their kids,” says Starling. With over one hundred local events planned to recognize girls in STEM, there’s never been a better time to get kids involved. For more information, visit www.millionwomenmentors.org.

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