0xcert has Launched the Real-World Tokenization Service

The European start-up 0xcert has launched the first open-source protocol powered by physical assets

After the World Wide Web became widely popular, society turned its gaze towards the digital atmosphere, from social media to the implementation of the Internet Of Things. In a place where modern devices can be connected to one another, the blockchain emerged and is slowly becoming a robust financial exchange industry at the same level of the stock market.

However, those tangible assets have not found their niche in the digital transference. The 0xcert company combines off-chain and on-chain values using revolutionary non-fungible token, which is described on Ethereum as the ERC721 standard.

An inside look into 0xcert

The European start-up 0xcert has launched the first open-source protocol powered by physical assets: property titles, IDs, collectibles, art, educational certificates, housing, in-game items and any imaginable belonging can acquire a cryptographic value within this decentralized infrastructure made for development, ownership, storage and management of both off-chain and on-chain values.

The 0xcert system operates on top of the ERC721 standard, in which every token has its own identity and particular characteristics. The protocol can be adopted shortly for many upcoming strategies that arise from blockchain developments.

The 0xcert platform offers a variety of qualities to give a genuine value to IT Industry, such as:

● The creation of self-owned blockchain alternatives: immediately accessible SDKs in well know programing languages such as Ruby, Node JS, Python and Java Script that will fit conventional developers to begin building blockchain applications (dApps).

● Secure KYC token: The digital environment extrapolates technological potential for investors, users, and companies willing to expand their reach through Crypto - as the first ever implementation of ERC-721 tokens in KYC procedure, 0xcert is leading the way for other ICOs to raise their security threshold.

● User-friendly certification and standardization of assets: deploy non-fungible tokens on the blockchain, store them in cryptographic wallets, own or transfer them. Validate their existence, authenticity and ownership without third-party involvement.

● Unalterable chain list: The encrypted and genuinely decentralized capacity of blockchain technology avoids the vulnerabilities of conventional methods. When creating non-fungible tokens, data stored on the blockchain can be entrusted and verified by anyone.

With the authentication process and plug-and-play framework features of the 0xcert protocol which is built on top of ERC721 - approved in 2018- the digital industry future projections will be achieved faster, requiring less resources from stakeholders and developers and eliminating risks from investors. All these qualities were previously impossible for startups.

For the community and partnership

It is commonly known than in systems solely based on Ethereum Request For Comments 721 (ERC721) protocol, users receive standard boundary conditions. Main developers then have to approve these proposals and align them with the improvements presented by the centralized Ethereum ecosystem; translating into a rigid infrastructure with slow expansion.

By using the 0xcert software, developers have the opportunity to build on top of the existing standards along with the segregation of decentralized app conventions, eliminating the need for executing single blockchain procedures, being perfectly valid to be applied to any project within the industry.

After the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 0xcert made essential alliances inside the blockchain industry, like with Wanchain, a leading company in private cross-blockchain and smart contract technology.

Blockchain is changing the world
The goal of the latest alliance is the implementation of non-fungible tokens standard on Wanchain, providing a new infrastructure level for 0xcert protocol, and therefore allowing for a wider adoption.

In the same way that blockchain technology grows continuously, the latest Ethereum standards provide numerous resources for token development and innovation. ERC721 for non-fungible tokens will be emblematic because of its core values addition, gaining trust and expanding visibility such as the pioneering Bitcoin did when it first became popular.

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