Zyppah Snoring Device Addresses The Real Problem Behind Snoring

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Millions of people throughout the U.S. suffer with snoring problems. However, a bio-medical engineer and dentist may change all that with his invention – the Zyppah snoring device.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg invented the Zyppah snoring device, a hybrid oral appliance that fits nicely inside the mouth to keep the tongue in place. It is, by far, a more effective solution than other tried and true methods.

How Did Greenburg Come Up With The Innovative Technology

In 2001, Greenburg shifted his focus from dentistry to snoring and sleep apnea. He carried out several before and after sleep clinical studies, looking to get feedback about his device. Greenburg said snoring occurs when the result of the tongue falling back into the throat and blocking airflow.

Greenburg said people remarked how reliable the device was in reducing and/or eliminating the snoring problem. And, when compared to other methods like surgery, other oral appliances and the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, the Zyppah is far more effective in its job.

The most commonly used sleep apnea device is the CPAP. The CPAP is extremely effective but most people despise using it because the mask is so heavy, and they must sleep on their back. However, the Zyppah allows the snorer can sleep in the position they want… a definite bonus for comfort.

The Zyppah snoring device, which is comfortable to use, is comprised of BPA-free material and is FDA-approved in treating sleep apnea safely and effectively. Zyppah has a patent-pending elastic band that will keep the tongue still without causing the gag reflex or letting the tongue go back into the throat.

People who used it have reported they and others have gotten better night’s rest. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that snoring is more than something people are annoyed by. Snoring can lead to all kinds of health problems – stroke, heart disease and cancer. However, with Zyppah snoring device , those snoring-related health problems are completely handled.

What Are The Main Benefits to Zyppah

It’s extremely easy to use. It’s got a “boil and bite” design that makes sure people have a custom fit. Also a two-in-one device, meaning Zyppah snoring device will re-position the jaw and stabilize the tongue to open the airways and offer the most treatment to ensure snoring is eliminated. Even in this position, it doesn’t lead to a gag reflex.

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