Zucchini’s Tricks & Things Announces First of Its Kind Virtual Magic Shop

Zucchini’s Tricks & Things on Cannery Row pulls a rabbit out of a hat, a virtual magic shop, the first of its kind with Professional actor, magician and former Cirque du Soleil actor Will Roberts.

Zucchini’s Tricks & Things pulls a rabbit out of a hat to bring to the public a special virtual magic shop, the first of its kind.

As well as separating people, COVID 19 has, in a mysterious way, brought some people closer together. Most mom and pop, brick and mortar business are in deep trouble now because they cannot sustain the lack of traffic and revenue coming in, due to government mandates. Only those companies that have recreated themselves and innovated have been able to keep their real or virtual doors open.

Zucchini’s Tricks and Things magic shop on Cannery Row is one such place.

Effective immediately, Zucchini’s Magic Shop has teamed up with Professional actor, Magician, and former Cirque du Soleil actor, Will Roberts, to open the Virtual Magic Shop.

For more information, visit the website, http://BasicsOfMagic.com

When looking through the virtual magic shop, visitors will see a live magician perform tricks. When they purchase the trick, there is no guessing or struggling to make it work. The magician shows the buyer live how to perform it.

The virtual magic shop also has a magic shopping area and a Virtual performer request for a party or corporate zoom.

Zucchini’s Tricks & Things Owner, Bryan Whitehead, received a phone call from his old friend, a former employee from 35 years ago. It was Professional actor, Magician, and former Cirque du Soleil act, Will Roberts.

Roberts proposed an idea to create the first of its kind, Virtual Magic Shop. It would be a place for people who want to learn the basics of magic to learn LIVE via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, and they could do it in the comfort of their own quarantine.

“I could not forget the amazing feeling I had walking into the magic shop over 38 years ago, So I wanted to create that magic again for aspiring magicians, and now we’re doing it.” – Will Roberts.

“When Will told me all that this virtual magic shop could do, and then days later showed me this amazing website, I was taken aback by his vision and commitment to help out my brick and mortar Magic shop,” said Bryan Whitehead.

Zucchini’s Tricks and Things is now open for business, and visitors don’t even need a mask to walk into the store.

“To see the magic taking place in the virtual magic shop, visit the website http://BasicsOfMagic.com and enjoy the magic. Be sure to bring the kids, and stay awhile,” says Bryan Whitehead.

Zucchini’s Tricks & Things online virtual magic shop also features:

– A magic club for visitors to join

– Basic Magic lessons

– Unlimited video Magic Lessons

– Performance tips from real working pros that take just minutes to master!

– Unlimited Magic Mentoring

For the special opening event for Zucchini’s Tricks & Things virtual magic shop, Will Roberts and Bryan Whitehead invite the world to attend, to ask questions and request magic demos.

Will Roberts is an Actor, Magician, Magic trainer, Voice Actor, Cowboy, Weapons Trainer and Entrepreneur. His is the winner of BEST ACTOR 2018 at the Golden State Film Festival, the resident Magician at https://HonestHuckster.com the resident Cowboy at TrickRopers.com, and Actor at https://ActorWillRoberts.com

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