Zuan Mei Sport Polarized Fishing Sunglasses & Designer Glasses eStore Launched

Snatched Sunglasses announced the launch of its online eretail store for stylish and affordable eyewear. The e-Store announced a special offer of 90 percent off wholesale prices on its range of designer sunglasses and other specialty eyewear for men, women and children.

High quality sunglasses e-retailer Snatched Sunglasses announced the launch of its new website. The website will also host an eCommerce store for specialty sunglasses. Select products on the new online store are on sale at 90 percent off wholesale prices.

More information about Snatched Sunglasses is available at https://snatchedsunglasses.com

Sunglasses do more than protect a wearer’s eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. High-quality eyewear designed with UV protection and an anti-glare coating can offer unhindered and comfortable vision while outdoors. Snatched Sunglasses simplifies the process of choosing appropriate eyewear by offering a complete buy-on-the-go shopping experience from the comfort of a home computer or handheld device.

Snatched sunglasses also meets the growing market demand for specialty eyewear. The online marketplace features Universal TV and 3D viewing glasses, Bluetooth headphone sunglasses, cosplay eyewear, reading glasses with LED light, and Virtual Reality shades.

Launched by RL Internet Corporation, Snatched Sunglasses offers fashionable and affordable sunglasses for men, women, and children. The store also stocks sports sunglasses, glass frames, and accessories such as cases, neck straps, and sport holders.

Snatched Sunglasses also offers a range of specialty eyewear and stylized themed eyewear including steampunk and gothic shades, ski goggles, foldable reading glasses, polarized sport wear, and customized 3D vision glasses.

According to a spokesperson for Snatched Sunglasses, “We believe that stylish sunglasses can be affordable and of superlative quality. Our new website features an intuitive layout to maximize the ease of a customer’s online shopping experience with us. Our ultra-wide product range caters to nearly every need, featuring the latest styles, niche aesthetics, and speciality needs.”

Snatched Sunglasses is a designer sunglasses & specialty eyewear eStore brand of RL Internet Corporation, an internet and media company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The online store ships its products around the world from a global chain of wear houses with an average turnaround time of 5 to 12 days. More information can be found at the above URL.

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