Zoom Telephoto Lens For SmartPhones Outperforms DSLRs Now Available

Zoom Lens has released the new ultra premium telephoto lens with multiple features including a lightweight, portable and durable zoom lens kit with a stabilizing tripod producing professional high quality images. More information is available at http://zoom-lenses-store.com/z1

Zoom Lens has released the best ultra premium high quality smartphone telephoto lens that outperforms DSLRs by bringing professional image quality to today’s smartphone cameras. This telephoto zoom lens features a lightweight, portable and durable zoom lens kit with a stabilizing tripod to get the perfect picture every time it is taken. The smartphone can be transformed into a telephoto DSLR camera instantly.

The telephoto zoom lens has capabilities beyond a normal smartphone. It can zoom 18x and focus on what a smartphone can’t do and can easily be attached to any smartphone – Apple, Android or virtually any other feature phone. The telephoto zoom lens is ultra multi coated™ to enhance contrast in all light conditions allowing for great photos in any situation. The device don’t need any special knowledge or technical ability. It only takes seconds to simply clip on the lens with with their patented and high-tensile adjustable bracket. It’s not an understatement to think that a simple attachment to a smartphone could make such a huge difference to people’s lives.

With this new telephoto zoom lens parents can keep track of their children’s sporting activities by taking the best photos while shaking their friends and family with the new high-quality super telescope lens. This new little pocket device is both fun and entertaining!

Tests recently performed by Zoom Lens highlighted that images produced with this pocket device when attached to a smartphone were found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon and Sony. It is no wonder that this telephoto zoom lens can turn any smartphone or feature phone into a $2000 DSLR. It has unlimited capabilities…

Professional photographers has been amazed by the power of this new telephoto zoom lens and has made the switch already. More information and specifications for the ultra premium telephoto lens are available at http://zoom-lenses-store.com/z1

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