Zoom Dog Itchy Dog Supplements Reveals Tips For Keeping Dogs Active This Winter

Itchy Dog Supplements come highly recommended this holiday season as many dogs suffer from dry skin, especially during winter in Colorado, according to Zoom Dog Supplement Company.

Golden, Colorado- Top-notched itchy dog supplement company, Zoom Dog supplements is known for its extremely close-knit customer service and very high quality products many pet owners regard as the best pet supplements on the market. Because the business located in Golden, Colorado is so highly respected, they believe they have a duty to provide the loyal customers of Zoom Dog supplements guidance and tips on how to take care of their pets during the season changes. According to the owner of Zoom Dog supplements Winter and Summer can very trying on dogs, as the harsh winters and hot summers are tough for some dogs to regulate their body temperatures and it is extremely important to pay attention to how dogs are reacting to the weather conditions.

If dogs are staying outside in cold weather for more than just bathroom breaks and walks, the dog will need a warm, dry place away from the cold and wet. The business recommends folks provide the dogs with an insulated airtight dog house which is raised up off of the ground at least at least 3-5 inches, and is equipped with a door flap to insure it isn’t too drafty. It is also recommended that “outside” pets are able to stay in a garage or part of the house that provides more shelter, especially in the cold Colorado winter months.

According to Zoom Dog, many dogs who may be prone to itchy skin could become more itchy during winter months because of the cold and dry climate change from Summer and Fall. Zoom Dog recommends its itchy dog supplement for any dogs who experience especially itchy skin during winter months.

The Itchy Dog Skin and Coat Formula costs $15.49 and is a Chewable tablets containing antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acids & vitamins to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Vegetable based beef and bacon flavoring. Dogs with skin, coat and allergy issues.

More information can be found by visiting Zoom Dog athttps://myzoomdog.com/collections/shop/products/itchy-dog-skin-and-coat-formula-60-ct?variant=21847612588113

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