ZontSEO Reveals New Backlink Indexing Case Study

ZontSEO has published a new case study on ZontSEO Reveals New Backlink Indexing Case Study, revealing surprising data on how SEO, webmasters, and online marketers solve the problem of determining which backlink indexing software is the best.

Advanced SEO Tutorials company, ZontSEO, has published surprising new data in their latest case study on epic ZontSEO Backlink Indexing services using SENuke links as the hard standard. Designed specifically for SEO, webmasters, and online marketers, this case study provides a real-world look at the challenges facing search engine optimization professionals in regards to understanding which backlink indexing software is the best and why, backed up by research and numbers.

Savvy webmasters can read and share the case study on the company website: http://www.zontseo.com/senuke/free-beginner-tutorials/indexing-test-real-nukes/

ZontSEO leaves no stone unturned for this lengthy and expensive case study. 6 Industry Backlink Indexing softwares went head to head: Xindexer Full, InstantLinkIndexer, Indexification, Backlinks Indexer, Xindexer Regular, One Hour Indexing, and a Control Group (no backlink index service used), to find once and for all, which one is worth subscribing to, and which ones are a waste of money using SENuke as a tough standard to index all sorts of links generated by this automated blackhat SEO software.

Among the information included:

Index Rate of Links before and after using backlink indexing software.

Understanding if links should be pinged or not.

ZontSEO quote

“Most of the services seem to have no impact from Google Penguin, however Backlinks Indexer has shot up to over 27% indexed and is now so far ahead of the others that its an obvious winner.”

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