Zone Ten Photography Studio handles a multiple product order from a client

Recently, a client contacted Zone Ten Studio to photograph some of their products to be put on Groupon. Satisfied with the work, the client sent back more products to be photographed.

St.Louis, Missouri (June 28, 2018)- Zone Ten recently handled a product order from a client that involved multiple products. Zone Ten is a photography studio owned by Brian who is a professional photographer. This is a smart choice for small businesses needing images of multiple products or large businesses with hundred of items that need photographing. Zone Ten has been around for over two decades and their main job is product photography. There job is to help companies’ products stand out compared to other images on the web. Zone Ten works to capture the best angles, lighting, and backgrounds to ensure that their client’s product is captured perfectly. Zone Ten just took an order from the client that dealt with them capturing the photographs for multiple products at once.

The client contacted Zone Ten about how they needed photographs to sell their eco-friendly cleaning products on Groupon in a timely manner. Zone Ten then discussed terms for the photographing. Once the client accepted, she notified Zone Ten that she also needed photos taken for her cookie and dog treats on her e-commerce website. Zone Ten received the cleaning supplies from the client and within three days the final images were sent back to the client. She approved of the cleaning product images, agreeing to send her next product to Zone Ten. Once they were received, Zone Ten produced images for the cookie and dog treats that captured the best possible angles and lighting. The client approved of the images and her products were sent back. Zone Ten photographed the images in the timely manner that best fit the client’s needs in order for the client to upload her pictures to the appropriate website. Examples of Zone Ten’s outstanding work can be seen on their Facebook page.

Zone Ten

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