Zonblast vs Viral Launch Debate Settled As Amazon Product Launch Strategy Shifts

Amazon Product Launch Service 'Viral Launch' has pulled ahead of its main competitor 'Zonblast' with the introduction of a new suite of tools and services, as well as preferential pricing and its new $50 off coupon code system.

Two popular ‘Amazon launch services’ for brands and entrepreneurs selling on the Amazon.com marketplace – Viral Launch and Zonblast – have been going head-to-head since their creation. In recent weeks, it appears Viral Launch has finally pulled ahead significantly, with the introduction of a $50 off coupon system and several other significant improvements since Amazon’s changes to their Terms & Conditions.

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Both founded in 2014, Zonblast and Viral Launch became the quietly kept secrets for many sellers who wanted to take a time-saving approach to launching, or re-launching, products on the Amazon marketplace.

With both platforms maintaining much of their popularity, especially as the ‘private label’ business model became the ‘hot topic’ among online entrepreneurs – Amazon has changed its terms and conditions several times in order to manage the tactics some sellers implemented to gain an advantage.

It has been critical therefore for both platforms to keep up with the times, which they have done successfully. In actual fact, both platforms were very similar up until most recently.

Viral Launch has introduced additional seller services, such as product photography, logo design, listing optimization… and most interestingly to some, their new ‘Market Intelligence’ application, which helps identify profitable product opportunities.

So at present, Viral Launch offers a more comprehensive set of tools for Amazon sellers at a lower price. Especially with the implementation of their $50 off coupon code system, which discounts the pricing on all their services even further.

The ‘Market Intelligence’ application is available to all Viral Launch members presently at no extra cost and allows non-members a free trial of the software too. It is predicted by many within the Amazon Seller community, this marks the turning point in the Viral Launch vs Zonblast debate.

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