Zoe Blaire Teen Singer Solopreneur Texas-Based Musician New Single Announced

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A new single has been announced by teen singer Zoe Blaire. She has been working with PJ Olsson during the lockdown period, and the industry has declared her one to watch heading into 2021.

Zoe Blaire, the teen singer known for her altruistic “health first” mindset and her widely renowned vocal abilities, has announced her latest single. She is working with producer PJ Olsson to bring her project to fruition, and it’s already highly anticipated ahead of the release.

Full details can be found at: https://www.zoeblaire.com

To follow along and ensure that no one misses out on the new release when the single is launched, Zoe Blaire is encouraging fans to sign up to her subscriber list. This will be a chance to keep up to date, connect with her online, and follow her unique story.

Born in Florida but now based in Texas, the young singer draws on the sensibilities of pop, electro pop and alternative in her range. She has attracted national attention for her singing and voice, but is also a notable solopreneur.

Both her music and her business is grounded in a desire to connect with other teens. Knowing the challenges, aspirations and life journey that they face, she aims to empower them and help them to find their true self.

Her personal mantra is to “love yourself and to not worry if people don’t like you, as most are struggling to like themselves.” This message is at the forefront of her whole product range, as well as her music.

Zoe explains that she has always loved skincare, beauty and music. She has been involved in the beauty industry from a young age, modeling with Ford Models at two years old. This led to her being featured by prominent brands like Toys “R” Us, Suave, and H&M.

Now she is preparing for the launch of her new single, and has performed at numerous destinations around the US. These include Six Flags, Allen Americans’ and Nordstrom’s.

Her single has been the product of the lockdown, and working with PJ Olsson has inspired and excited the music field. PJ Olsson is known for performing with notable musicians like Kid Rock, Muse and Bob Geldof.

The media has announced her as one to watch into 2021 and beyond. More information on the single’s release can be found on the URL above.

Release ID: 88979567