Zippered Unisex Travel Wallet Free Large Colored Models Launched

Travo Gear, an online travel gear store, launched a limited-time free large zippered travel wallet. All models come in four colors and are designed for multi-items carrying and handling. The Travo Gear wallets are free of charge, handling and shipping costs not included.

Travo Gear, an online travel gear store, launched a limited-time free large zippered travel wallet, currently available in four colors.

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High-quality carrying equipment is essential for comfortable travelling, and the wallet is often one of the most important items for immediate access to documents, money, credit cards and others.

The multitude of items that one needs to carry during flights or other types of travelling makes it necessary to have a spacious wallet able to safely fit a passport, ID, credit cards, banknotes and other paper and plastic items. Furthermore, many people prefer to carry a variety of small items directly in their wallets, to avoid the inconvenience of searching through their carry-on bags.

The new free zippered wallet from Travo Gear is a large multi-purpose wallet designed for convenient use during flights, train rides and other types of travelling.

The wallet is currently available in four colors: black, green, pink and blue. All models are suitable for both men and women, being carefully designed to fit in most back or side pockets.

All models feature large multi-section compartments, capable of holding a variety of documents, credit cards, banknotes and other products. Due to the flexibility of the materials, the travel wallets can also safely hold relatively large items such as phones, headphones, chapsticks, gums and others.

The Travo Gear travel wallets are equipped with pen holders, multi-layered card holders and other features designed to maximize the usable space and facilitate easy document organization. The wallets are therefore ideal for carrying and effectively handling multiple documents, banknotes and credit cards.

The high-security zip ensures that all items stay in place at all times, thus allowing safe wallet carrying and handling.

The zippered wallet is currently available for free. Shipping costs are not included in the offer.

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