Zeppelin Dao Seizes the IDO Scene to Vet and Platform Top Crypto Launches

Zeppelin Dao Initial DEX Offerings (IDO's) are to be vetted for launch on their new platform made for only the most promising new companies of the crypto scene.

Zeppelin Dao has recently arisen with a new and popular vision to launch its new IDO Platform and Auto Yield Token. Initial DEX Offerings (IDO’s), differing from Initial Exchange Offerings or Initial Coin Offerings, are a recent phenomenon taking over the crowdfunding of new crypto launches with decentralized and permissionless platforms. As a result, IDO’s are opening a new way of fundraising in the crypto space.

IDO Platform Advantages over ICO’s and IEO’s

The cryptocurrency community has been quite creative in finding new ways to bootstrap projects and raise funds. Effectively, initial DEX offerings are succeeding ICO’s and IEO’s as the first choice for developers to raise money for a project. However, unlike ICO’s and IEO’s, where tokens are pre-sold to the public before listing a new project, with IDO’s, they are publicly listed immediately on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

The old way of doing launches favored the founders of a project over community members, giving them a significant advantage that many incoming investors have considered unfair and counterproductive. IDOs are now widely held as the fairest way to launch a new project. Zeppelin Dao has recently come on the scene with the primary goal to accentuate that fairness by vetting only the most promising new launches and supporting them with their new IDO launchpad. The developers at Zeppelin Dao want to make it much easier for investors to get in on IDOs and get the best information about them before a launch and discern the quality or potential of offerings on the Zeppelin Dao IDO platform. More importantly, entrepreneurs can release a blockchain product that goes beyond the ocean of malicious third-party influencers in the arena while circumventing any issues regarding hackers and human error. In addition, token buyers and holders’ coins are instantly secure in their wallets that may only unlock with the investor’s private keys or access to secure exchanges where ZEP tokens are traded.

“The biggest problem with IDO’s up to now has been the exclusivity of the launches,” stated Nathan, director of the ZEP marketing team. However, Nathan added that “any ZEP Token holder who has the quota of ZEP coins required to participate in an IDO launch is welcome to do so.” Nathan excitedly went on to include, “I operate in the marketing sector, I have represented some of the largest companies in the UK. I have joined forces with some of the most formidable crypto experts that I know & come up with a marketing strategy that is bulletproof. Hardcore Holders!” This is the enthusiasm investors like to see in this writer’s opinion.

The Advantages of the Zeppelin Dao Auto Yield Token

In addition to its innovative IDO platform, the Zeppelin Dao company token is an auto-yield token meant to provide a solid investment, disregarding market volatility. Holders indefinitely and automatically get shares paid to investors directly to their wallets with every $ZEP transaction happening anywhere around the world. It is a 10% tax, so to speak, on every token sold or transferred, half of which goes to token holders and the rest to the “Iron Bank” pool that provides token liquidity. This “quartermaster fee” makes the ZEP Token “Whale Proof.” Any whale trading ZEP Tokens pays the 10% fee with every transaction they make, which ultimately ends up in the wallets of the community or the liquidity pool. The liquidity of the token was auto-locked at launch and not retrievable by its owners or developers. The protocol continuously adds liquidity into the “Iron Bank” pool, steadily raising the floor price ad infinitum.

Zeppelin Developers state in the company whitepaper, “We designed the Zeppelin token with two principles in mind to maximize outcomes for all supporters. Reflection + Liquidity Acquisition.”

The First Vetted Launch on Zeppelin Dao IDO Platform

On the 12th of June, Lapis, an NFT marketplace and Defi platform that allows users to freely bid on NFTs while earning a passive yield was the first vetted launch on the Zeppelin Dao IDO platform. Zeppelin Dao developers had quashed an earlier scheduled launch before it ever got off the ground due to concerns developed during the vetting process. It took some time, and it was several weeks before the partnership with the Lapis NFT marketplace. It was a hot market on launch day and the Zeppelin.dao Community Telegram chatroom was on fire as group members watching the market triumphantly rejoiced the 25x jump in price that Lapis made within the first 24 hours.

Lapis offers unique pricing features for NFT’s, allowing users to bid on NFT’s whenever they have the urge. Lapis prevents duplicating NFTs by validating the SHA256 hash of the NFT before it is created on the platform. Creators may also use the Lapis platform to access a wider audience to show off all their creations.

Lapis developers state in what is referred to as the “Litepaper,” “The Lapis protocol at its core is a free market for creative works. Each work has a permanent market to enable perpetual price discovery and has flexible terms of exchange for creators and buyers. Creators can set a permanent ownership stake in their works to receive a share of revenue whenever an exchange is made. Similarly, buyers can also share in the revenue of a future trade.”

The Zeppelin Dao Auto Yield Token and the Lapis token are both available on Pancake Swap

Release ID: 89029470