ZenNotify 2016 Desmond O Push Notification Software Launched

Desmond O has just announced the 2016 launch of ZenNotify, a push notification software that allows users to get more traffic and connect with their target markets directly without the roadblocks of email filters and autoresponders.

ZenNotify, a cloud-based push notification software just launced by Desmond O, is a turnkey graphic-based push notification software that helps users connect with their targeted markets in order to grow sales and traffic online.

More information on the new software is available at: http://letsgolook.at/ZenNotify.

Push notification has become the alternative to autoresponders in an age where email marketing is becoming harder for marketers to do well, being challenged with stronger spam filters and affiliate link bans. Marketers had their open rates and click rates drop by almost 300% with the banning of affiliate links in emails.

Companies like Digital Marketer, one of the biggest internet marketing companies, and El Al Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, have moved to push notifications to get new customers.

ZenNotify is a push notification software that allows users to sends push notifications, helps users capture visitors without emails, allows them to run promotions, sales and special offers and generates traffic on demand.

The software is cloud based. Users create notifications from 10 notification templates, they customize with their own logo, words and message, they schedule and send notifications and they can group their audience into campaign/segments. The software hosts users’ codes allowing them to copy and paste. It works with WordPress, e-commerce stores, HTML sites and Shopify.

ZenNotify utilizes click and deliver data analysis and real time tracking. It monitors visitors, interactions and conversions of notifications in real time. Users can acquire unlimited subscribers and the software allows users to paste code to multiple websites.

With the software messages appear directly in front of audiences. There are no spam boxes to navigate and no writing emails. It offers a one-time license with no recurring fees. ZenNotify integrates with e-commerce stores and allows users to get more visitors and attendees with its feature of announcing live when they go live.

Other special features include invite notification with Live Editor, the ability to customize images and video, set thank you URL, customize button, use tested templates and set up bonuses. Also available is unlimited access, a pro version of the software and a webinar on how to make money without a website, traffic or a product.

More information about the launch of ZenNotify is available at: http://muncheye.com/desmond-o-et-al-zennotify.

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