ZENLAMA.COM Launching Health & Wellness Bloggers Digital Publishing Membership

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ZENLAMA.COM is offering Health & Wellness Practitioners collaborative thought leadership and online reputation boosting digital publishing opportunity.

ZenLama.com is offering Health & Wellness Practitioners and bloggers an opportunity to join their professional writing team and share experiences and tips about physical, spiritual and mental health in their unique voice.

ZenLama.com is an established Health & Wellness blog based in the UK. The blog has published a wide range of health and wellbeing topics since 2010. ZenLama has a history of supporting health and wellness practitioners to highlight both their brands and their personal expertise online.

The Blog is expanding its readership and is on the lookout for established wellness practitioners and freelance health writers who can produce entertaining and informative content about health and wellbeing related topics

“Everyone loves to read a personal story and honest review of the holistic wellbeing therapies, treatments and experiences that have had”, says ZenLama’s Co-Editor Josephine Cooper.”We are looking for practitioners and great writers with a genuine interest and experience in health, wellness and mental wellbeing”.

Although there has been historical controversy on the topic of Guest Blogging, due to online marketers flooding the internet with poor quality content, in 2021 there is a rising trend for practitioners and writers to leverage guest blogging as a method of building authority for an individual, business or brand.

ZenLama believes that multi-author websites create an opportunity for experts and content creators to build greater levels of credibility , and showcase their knowledge and talent with new and existing clients, while bringing higher quality content to its readers.

“Our experience with inviting wellness practitioners to publish articles in ZenLama has proven the value of building collaborative content creation relationships. These help both the author and the website raise their profiles.” Cooper said “The benefits are three fold. Our members get access to broader and more diverse content. Professional bloggers and topic experts get to expand their thought leadership profiles and gain exposure to a new audience. Our website grows in popularity. It’s a win for all parties“. Cooper said.

ZenLama is taking applications for Guest Bloggers and Wellness Experts throughout August 2021.

The website is interested in developing a long term content publishing arrangement with mind, body and spirit bloggers and health practitioners, who can provide original, fun and interesting content about their topic and expertise. Click here to apply: https://www.zenlama.com/guest-registration/

Content considered for publication may be submitted in a variety of formats. In addition to written articles the website is open to featuring film, vlogs, music, comics, and visual art provided it supports written content or relates to the topic at hand.

Interested parties can learn more about the digital publishing opportunity at this page https://www.zenlama.com/write-for-us/

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