Zen Essential De-Stress Oil Natural Blend For Anxiety And Panic Attacks Launched

Sublime Beauty Naturals announces the launch of the Zen De-Stress Essential Oil Blend a therapeutic-grade oil concentrate that contains seven key essential oils. The blend can provide immediate relief from stress, anxiety attacks and other conditions caused by mental fatigue.

Sublime Beauty Naturals announces the launch of their new Zen De-Stress Essential Oil Blend. The oil is an all-natural blend that reduces and calms the effects of stress and anxiety. There are no artificial ingredients in the blend (it’s therapeutic-grade) and just a few drops of the oil blend produce a positive response.

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Stress and anxiety are the keynotes of existence at this present time. Disasters and calamities both natural and man-made make the concept of ‘peace of mind’ something that belonged to a bygone era. In such a scenario, the easiest solution is to turn to medication and pills to provide relief from anxiety and mental fatigue. But in some cases, the easiest solution is not always the best and nature still holds the keys to some amazing cures.

The Zen De-Stress Essential Oil Blend is a therapeutic-grade blend that works to immediately reduce anxiety attacks, pain due to stress at the muscular level and stress related problems such as headaches. The blend has been formulated by Sublime Beauty Naturals whose main focus is a natural approach to health and wellness. The founder of this organization is Kathy Heshelow, the author of “Essential Oils Have Super Powers: From Solving Everyday Wellness Problems to Taking on Superbugs”

Stress and anxiety can negatively impact a person’s health and appearance. This is where an all-natural cure that does no harm and can be used proactively can make a very good difference. The Zen De-Stress Essential Oil Blend contains Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Lavendula Augustifolia (Lavendar), Rosemary, Salvia Sclarea (Clary Sage), Roman chamomile and Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli).

Every one of these oils have strong therapeutic and healing properties and all it takes is just a few drops and inhalation of this concentrated blend to achieve the desired relief. The oil can be applied topically or inhaled. For more information on this and other products and to place an order, visit the website at the link given above.

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