Zeigen Has Announced That It Is A Newly Approved Member Of The Amazon Brand Registry

A new auto care products provider Zeigen has announced their addition to the Amazon Brand registry program. Their microfiber towels are designed for use on cars and other automobiles, for the purpose of bringing out the best possible shine in such vehicles.

Zeigen, a new comer in the auto care products industry, has announced that it is a newly approved member of the Amazon brand registry, with their high quality microfiber towels for cars being displayed and sold through the amazon.com outlet. This latest achievement allows Zeigen the ability to take control of their product listing and supply the most important and up-to-date information to consumers so that they know they are getting the best that the company has to offer. 

The Zeigen microfiber towel for cars is sold in packages containing four blue 16 x 16 towels, weighing 8.8 ounces. The materials listed in the cloths are 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, for a completed product that lends a perfect shine and soft touch to any vehicle with any style of finish. With its trusted Amazon Brand status, such information are all made available through the sales portal on the amazon site.

These come highly recommended as some of the best microfiber towels available online and while they are designed for cars, they can also be used on other surfaces. Zeigen suggests trying them on other delicate products around your house, such as compact discs, television screens, mobile phone screens, tablet and laptop screens, and DVDs.

Many consumers who choose this style of microfiber cloth may use it for activities such as detailing, buffing, cleaning and drying their vehicle. They also work well in the application and removal of wax and polish. Zeigen has made it clear that these cloths are the best tool for use in many polishing applications and have made the suggestion that their clients try the product for themselves in order to see how different this soft fibered towel can be in comparison to their old polishing materials.

Amazon consumers can count on a 14.95 USD price tag with free shipping offered on purchases over 35.00 USD. Currently these microfiber buffing cloths hold a five star rating on their amazon retail page, and are listed as being easy to wrap, making them a great gift opportunity for friends and family. In fact, gift wrap is made available as an option during checkout, and next day delivery is available on products shipping within the 50 states of the US. The cloths also ship internationally, but international shipping rates apply.

Zeigen Auto Care microfiber towels have been reported to save consumers money for their continued use and the fact that they do not mark, scratch, or chip polish and paint off of vehicles. They also do not leave behind wet residues, lint, or streaking on windows, which other products of this nature often do.

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