Zcode System Gives Back to the Global Sports Community for Children

Zcode System, a sports statistics platform, recently launched “Zcode System Giving Back to Sports". Since its launch it is making a significant difference in the lives of young athletes worldwide.

NEW YORK / UNITED STATES / 14 JANUARY 2020/ “The goal is to support youth and children’s sports clubs, especially in places where children do not have the opportunity to be supported by local authorities,” says Mike Zed – Zcode Founder. “Providing the basics in places where it matters and places where donations are non-existent, is what this project is all about,” confirms Zed. Since its launch, a few months back, the charity program has already completed 3 case studies.

The first project Zcode got involved in is SDYUSSHOR-Vologda, a children’s football club located in Vologda, Russia. The club was created in 2016 with one objective in mind: to unite children, parents and coaches from the SDYUSSHOR-Vologda No. 3 school, to develop and nurture pupils from grassroots, into high performing football players.

The football school currently has 650 young athletes who are trained by both, professional coaches and teachers. The aim is to keep children off the streets and in a healthy, sports environment. The ultimate goal is to discover talent and nurture that talent into professional athletes.

The school’s success is reflected through the success of its graduates. Over 50 graduates have gone on to work within the football industry or play professional football. Zcode has been contributing by donating brand new equipment to help improve the experience of the school’s young, promising athletes. “There’s no better feeling then to witness a kid’s smile and excitement when we introduce them to their new equipment,” says Mike. “It’s magical!”

The second project Zcode is involved with is the Whitton Tennis Club in the United Kingdom. The tennis club was founded in 1938 and has since been a key part of its community. The Whitton Tennis Club is one of the few clubs in the UK to have been awarded LTA’s Tennis Mark. Zcode has donated brand new equipment including tennis balls, 4 different types, mini nets and white shirts.

Zcode’s third project is located in Morelos, Mexico. Emiliano Zapata Morelos has the reputation for being a dangerous neighbourhood located in Morelos, Mexico. It is known for its gang related drug activity and high drug consumption rate. Children from this community have easy access to this dark and foreboding world. Santa Cruz is a school in the area whose mission is to keep as many children as possible off the streets and encourage them to get involved in sports. Zcode is hands-on at supporting Santa Cruz and their mission. They have made considerable investment into the project, including equipment to nurture the project and help the children of this community strive within the realm of sports.

Mike explains: “Our platform has been online over 15 years now and the most success we get is from our members and experts helping and supporting each other with donations, great tips and help. Many of these experts are fathers and coaches from all over the world, including countries where local organisations get little to no financial support and resources to help future generations.” Zcode decided to actively support local organisations in these countries by donating equipment to support the endeavours of these communities who are looking to have a positive impact on future generations.

Zcode is presently working on donating to other children’s sports related projects. They are looking at a mix-martial arts school for children in Vologda, Russia. They have over 880 children actively taking part in the programme.

It is important to understand that there are millions of children’s organisations all over the world, who do their best to provide a healthy, sports environment for young children ages 7 to 15. These associations are backed-up by parents, teachers and others who do not have the financial backup to provide the basic needs, including suitable equipment. Often the children are having to make do with outdated equipment, broken balls and nets in meagre surroundings.

Zcode’s work helps these children and these associations by providing them with the equipment they need to move forward. The repercussions of their donations are outstanding. It brings hope to the children and confirms that what they do, matters. New nets, new balls, new shirts puts smiles on children’s faces. It motivates them and confirms to them, that their team and their sport matters. They are being recognised. Children are driven to continue to train, practice and focus on staying off the street. It gives them that spec of light that makes them believe they can make it.

Zcode plans to grow their charity work, to one day reach all corners of the world. It is continuously looking for new projects to get involved in and welcomes the opportunity to be introduced to sports projects for children in need of help.

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