Ypsi Ann Arbor MI Defense Attorney Non-Citizen Deportation Law Service Launched

ArborYpsi Law launches non-citizen legal defense for individuals criminal charged in Ann Arbor and Ypsi, Michigan. An adequate defense can often prevent deportation in these cases.

ArborYpsi Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan has launched legal services for non-citizens. The goal of representation by the firm is focused on the potential results of a conviction. These may include deportation and the separation of families.

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The launch of non-citizen counsel by ArborYpsi aims to help clients maintain their immigration status. A criminal conviction for a non-citizen can result in deportation. For the non-citizen charged with a crime, the immigration consequences of a conviction are often more severe than the criminal penalties.

ArborYpsi Law is now offering legal counsel and effective defense strategies to non-citizens that have been charged with criminal charges. In most cases, they are effective in influencing the court to allow clients to maintain their citizenship in the United States.

Sam Berstein, the non-citizen attorney was recently able to have a client’s case dismissed. He worked tirelessly to represent his client and now that client is again living his life free from the cloud of criminal charges.

The firm operates with a deep understanding that in cases where a non-citizen is criminally charged it can be a matter of life and death for that client. If they are found guilty and deportation ensues that individual is in grave danger if returned to their country of origin.

The clients ArborYpsi Law represents have careers, homes, and families here in America that are left behind if they are convicted of a serious felony. Because of this ArborYpsi Law works diligently to defend Non-Citizen clients who have been charged with a crime.

The foundation of criminal Defense of non-citizens that ArborYpsi Law rests on is the Supreme Court case of Padilla v. Kentucky. This case outlines the basic minimum obligations for criminal defense attorneys in advising non-citizen clients.

At ArborYpsi Law, they build on that foundation and develop a defense designed with the immigration goals at the forefront of the representation.

The launch of legal defense for non-citizens by ArborYpsi Law gives these individuals access to a high-quality defense by a team of seasoned attorneys.

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