YouTube/Twitch Channel Branded Merchandise – DFY eCommerce Services Launched

The Ecom Gang has launched its updated eCommerce services that can create custom-branded stores and merchandise for digital entrepreneurs such as those with YouTube Channels and Twitch streamers looking to expand their brands.

With the recent update, The Ecom Gang is able to both design and develop branded merch for entrepreneurs that are sold, manufactured, and shipped to a brand’s customers without the costs and hassle of storing inventory themselves.

The company has also set up an online webinar that helps prospective clients understand how the updated services can help them grow both the visibility of their brand and create a supplemental income stream.

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Digital entrepreneurs whose brand has been developed through online platforms such as YouTube or Twitch can often find that as they grow, their fans will be looking for branded merch in order to support and represent their channels. However, setting up a merchandise line with production and delivery can often be a time-consuming and costly challenge. The Ecom Gang provides a streamlined and cost-effective solution with their customized eCommerce services.

The services include the creation of merchandise from the company’s team of expert designers who can utilize a client’s current branding and images. These designs can then be incorporated into a range of products, such as t-shirts, accessories, and jewelry.

When creating the online store for selling merch, The Ecom Gang uses the powerful Slingly Pro and Groove Kart applications for a smooth and efficient shopping process. Digital brands with existing websites and platforms online can also have their eCommerce store connected to their website for a more streamlined user experience.

For printing and shipping, the company has connections with a network of print-on-demand companies across the USA. By using these high-quality fulfillment partners, brands can be confident that their products are being made and shipped from trusted suppliers without the effort or stress of managing their own inventories.

The services from The Ecom Gang are available in a range of tiers to allow digital brands to find a level that can scale alongside their growth and eCommerce needs.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our packages are made with you in mind. Whether you’re are just starting out or have experience, we tailor and design the products just for you.”

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