Your Parenting Tips Publishes New Blog Post on Baby Growth Spurts

It is very important for parents to understand the basics about Baby Growth Spurts. website has published a new blog post about this topic to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Tampa, United States – September 27th, 2014 /PressCable/

Your Parenting Tips published their new blog post today: Baby Growth Spurts – Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions. This blog post reveals the most common asked question about baby growth spurts, including what are the symptoms, the effects that they have on sleep and hunger and how to deal with them.

Your Parenting Tips owner Michael Prieto says many people struggle with really understanding Baby Growth Spurts and the changes they bring with them in eating and sleeping routine and habits.

When many parents are happy that they have the feeding patterns of the baby sorted and he or she is sleeping all the night, suddenly the baby turns cranky and demanding and starts to wake up at nights and wanting to feed much more.

The first growth spurt usually happens in the first three weeks of the baby's life. The second one when the baby is six to eight weeks old.. Finally three more when the baby is three months old, six months old and nine months old. However, it may be change depending the case.

The three main symptoms of these growth spurts are the significant increase in hunger, a cranky and irritable behavior and changes in their sleep patterns. Most experts recommend taking advantage of this last symptom and as babies start to sleep more, try to sleep at the same time to cope with the other changes experienced by the boy or girl.

Doctors also say that growth spurts are only a phase in baby's life and although parents may feel a bit stressed, they only last for a few days. The first one may be the most difficult to deal with, but the following ones will not take by surprise them.

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