Your Financial Freedom Fighter Launches Tax-Free Retirement Alternative!

Max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance contracts are a completely legal financial vehicle that can help retirees avoid paying taxes on their retirement income. Information is available now.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter, James D. Martin, III, has launched a program to help retirees live tax-free. The company discovered that most individuals facing retirement will pay more in taxes than at any other time in their lives if they are relying on the traditional path of 401(k)s and IRAs to fund their retirement.

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The program they offer for future retirees is completely legal but is virtually unknown to most financial planners. They warn future retirees that if they think their IRA/401(k) will adequately supplement Social Security benefits they may be in for the harsh reality that taxes are eroding away their savings.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter recommends that anyone facing retirement should take a look at max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance contracts as an option for developing a tax-free retirement. Along with their important death benefit, these contracts can be structured to hold retirement monies aside and keep them sheltered from increasing taxes.

The company has launched a marketing effort to bring the knowledge of these financial vehicles into public view in an effort to give retirees a better life and allow them to hold onto more of the money they have earned; as well as to help alleviate the number one fear of retirees – running out of money during retirement.

The company’s goal is to educate as many as possible to the tax benefits of this tax-free retirement option. One of the main tax savings benefits is the fact the money placed in these contracts has already been taxed and is not subject to further taxes.

When money is taken out of a max-funded, taxed advantaged insurance contract properly in accordance with Internal Revenue Code guidelines it is not regarded as taxable income, as opposed to income from a traditional IRA/401(k).

Individuals can also have access to their money tax-free using several methods. The wisest move is to take a loan because it’s a loan to the contract holder. Often since it is a loan made to a contract holder they may never have to pay it back in their lifetime.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter points out that although the tax advantages of max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance contracts are no secret, they are, however, complex for the average financial advisor or financial professional to implement without years of research and training.

They point out that many advisors or accountants who “haven’t done their research” can end up demonstrating resistance to these contracts, based on uneducated or limited opinion versus fact, especially regarding the tax benefits and internal rate of return that can be achieved.

The launch of the knowledge of these contracts gives retirees a viable and legal option to avoid paying unnecessary taxes that affect their lifestyle in a negative manner. All interested parties are encouraged to visit the above URL, and download the free “One Page Report That Can Change Your Life”, which provides an option to schedule an appointment with James D. Martin, III.

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